Urban Solid Waste Management Project

The urban solid waste management project is now popularized across the whole world. Not only is the urban solid waste management and disposal the issue for developed countries, but also a big problem that has drawn a lot of attention of developing countries. It is now becoming a world problem.

Urban Solid Waste Management Project
Urban Solid Waste Management Project
Therefore, setting up a urban solid waste management project is very necessary and also complies a benign urban development. Beston Group can provide a specific business plan for the customers who want to set up such a project. Beston urban solid waste management project mainly contains the urban waste sorting machines and urban garbage recycling plants.

Urban Solid Waste Sorting Machine

Sorting is the first step of urban waste disposal and management. With an advanced technology of waste sorting, you can improve the recovery of urban garbage to avoid resource waste. Beston urban waste sorting equipment has high quality and high working efficiency. Usually, it contains the main devices of sealed belt conveyor, rotatory screening machine, magnetic separator, comprehensive winnowing machine, odor-control system.

Rotary Screening Machine
Rotary Screening Machine
Comprehensive Winnowing Machine
Winnowing Machine
Bag Breaking Machine
Bag Breaking Machine
Hydraulic Packing Machine of Urban Solid Waste Management Project
Hydraulic Packing Machine

You can refer to the sorting process of this machine through the following video:

Basic Parameters of Beston Urban Solid Waste Management Project

Raw materialMunicipal solid waste, industrial waste and obsolete landfill waste;
Total power337kw365kwIncluding exhaust gas and leachate treatment system;
Plant area18002200Can be designed according to the site;
Production shift1-2 shifts1-2 shifts
Use labor quantity15-2015-20

Advantages of Beston Urban Solid Waste Management Project


  1. The urban waste recycling can sort all the solid waste thoroughly so there’s no excessive waste remaining in the end.
  2. The maximize sound during the working process of the machine is 80dB.
  3. There’s a special odor-control system to control the bad smell of the garbage and make sure a healthy working environment for the operators.

Adjustable and Flexible Configurations

The configuration of the machine is adjustable based on a reasonable design of Beston professional engineers. The customer can choose specific device according to the component of their urban garbage.

High-leveled Safety Design

We add many safety devices to the whole sorting system. For example, all the devices have a manual and automatic switch and scramming device to make sure the safety of the operator and the equipment. The scramming buttons are all in the easy to operate positions in order to avoid the operators turn it on by mistake or electric shock accident. Besides, the materials of the whole system all have very strong ability of wear-resisting, corrosion-resistance and acid, and alkali resistance.

Function of the Sorting System

This kind of municipal solid waste sorting system can separate usable materials like the organism, plastic waste, waste metal, brickbats and stones from mixed urban garbage.

The above-said materials can be reprocessed or reused through specific reproduction lines.

Organic-Matter Sorted Out from Urban Solid Waste Management Project
Organic Matter
Bricks & Stones
Bricks & Stones

Urban Garbage Recycling Plants

Waste Pyrolysis Plant: using pyrolysis technology to recycle waste plastic or rubber into fuel oil and carbon black.

Biochar Production Equipment: using charcoal making process to produce biochar from organism waste.

This two kinds of garbage recycle plants of Beston are the key products and have been sold to many countries in the world. You can see them in Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, Australia, the UK, Indonesia, the Philippines, Romania, Hungary, etc.

Aside from that, waste metals can be directly recycled in the steelmaking factory. Brickbats of stones can be used to produce new bricks and organism can be used as fertilizer.

Algerian Customers Visiting Beston Urban Solid Waste Management Plant
Algerian Customers Visiting Beston Urban Solid Waste Management Plant

Superiority of Beston Urban Solid Waste Management Project

  • Strong Ability of Waste Management
  • High-Quality and High Efficiency
  • Easy to Deliver and Easy to Operate
  • Strong Durability
  • Energy-saving
urban solid waste management
Governmental Agents Visiting Urban Solid Waste Management Plant

Besides, if you choose Beston solid waste management project, you will enjoy an all-around service from Beston professional teams. The service includes: guide for assembling and installation, local worker training, periodical returning visits to check the running situation of the machine, 24-hour 7-day online customer service and professional maintenance services.

There are many types of solid waste management methods you can choose. But Beston always gives you the most suitable one for you. If you are now wondering what to do with hills of the solid waste in the landfill, you can trust Beston urban solid waste management project. Now leave your message to us freely and we will respond as soon as possible.

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