Trash Sorting Machine

A trash sorting machine is an automatic trash recycling machine. It can sort all the municipal solid waste out clearly according to their types, natures, and final disposal methods, etc. Beston Group adopts the world-top waste sorting technology to the trash separation systems.

Trash Sorting Machine
Beston Trash Sorting Machine for Sale 2020

The whole trash separator system usually includes plate feeder, uniform materials spreader, rotatory screening machine, winnowing machine, magnetic separation machine, and manual sorting platform and so on. The largest capacity of this system is about 400 ton per day. Because the trash sorting facility asks for a fairly large area of working, the clients need to make sure they have enough space to install the waste recycling plant. And we strongly suggest a workshop rather a large open area to guarantee the environment of the surroundings.

Rotary Screening Machine
Rotary Screening Machine
Comprehensive Winnowing Machine
Winnowing Machine
Bag Breaking Machine of Trash Sorting Machine
Bag Breaking Machine
Hydraulic Packing Machine of Automatic Waste Segregation Machine
Hydraulic Packing Machine

Specification and Parameters of Beston Trash Sorting Machine for Sale

Raw materialMunicipal solid waste, industrial waste and obsolete landfill waste;
Total power337kw365kwIncluding exhaust gas and leachate treatment system;
Plant area18002200Can be designed according to the site;
Production shift1-2 shifts1-2 shifts
Use labor quantity15-2015-20
Note: Beston provides customizing service for every client who has different needs according to their actual demands.

Why You Should Choose Beston Trash Recycling Machine

Quality Guarantee

As one of the leading waste management plant manufacturers in China, Beston guarantees the quality of every part of the machine.

Safety Design

We have designed manual-auto switch and emergency stop device in case emergencies.


We add a de-dusting system to avoid secondary pollution to the air and a deodorization system to keep a clean, favorable and healthy environment of working.


Municipal solid waste is the main waste for every city, so you will never worry about the raw materials supply after buying this machine. Furthermore, it can sort plastic, metals, rubber, glasses, and paper which are all recyclable and have a high value on the recycling market.

Easy to Operate

Except for manual sorting platform, the whole working process of Beston garbage separation system is fully automatic.

Multiple Uses

This waste sorting facility can also be used in the mining industry and dispose of mining wastes. If you choose this to deal with the mining waste, we have sealed belt conveyor to reduce the dust and ash.

trash recycling machine
Trash Recycling Machine – Trash Separator

How to Sort Trash – Trash Sorting Process

  1. All the trash collected in the waste transfer station will be transported into the workshop and unloaded onto the plate feeder. The feeder transits them to uniform materials spreader. The spreader is installed at the rear end of the feeder. It can spread those garbage uniformly on the belt conveyor.
  2. The conveyor transits the trash onto the manual sorting platform. Large pieces of trashes, like the quilt, big wood branches, and hazardous waste will be picked out by manpower.
  3. The rest trash will go to rotatory screening machine. If needed, the plastic bags in the trash can be broken by the bag breaker to make sure the following procedures running smoothly before they going to the screening machine.
  4. And then the rotatory screening machine screens the trashes through bores which have a diameter of 50 mm. As a result, it can screen oversized materials and undersized waste.
  5. Undersized organic wastes (diameter<50 mm) are mostly organics, so they will first go to a magnetic separator to get the iron matters out and then be collected, packed and transported out. Oversized materials will firstly go to magnetic separation machine. Metal materials, like iron cans or tins, will be separated out. The rest oversized materials will be sent to comprehensive winnowing machine. It can sort light plastic wastes, heavy materials, and other wastes clearly.
  6. Light plastic waste will be sent to the manual sorting platform again and workers will pick out those impurities in the plastic. Finally, the plastic waste will be sent to the packaging machine. Heavy materials like hard plastic waste, fabrics, rubber products and large organic wastes will also be packed and then wait for the subsequent processing.

Final Products of Trash Sorting Machine

  • Plastic: get plastic oil from a small scale pyrolysis equipment; get recyclable plastic pellets by a waste plastic pelletizer machine.
  • Brickbats and stones: the construction field, materials for producing new bricks.
  • Organic wastes: get biogas through fermentation system; raw materials for biomass pyrolysis plant to make charcoals.
  • Combustible materials: raw materials for producing Rubbish Derivation Fuels.
  • Kitchen refuse: raw materials for producing fertilizer or getting biodiesel.
  • Metals: raw materials in steel factories.
Organic Matter
Bricks & Stones from Trash Sorting Machine
Bricks & Stones

Get the Reasonable Trash Sorting Machine Price from Beston

Beston trash sorting machine price is reasonable and affordable. We adopt energy-saving techniques during the manufacturing process, so we have quite lower cost comparing with others. But you can also trust the quality of our machines at the same time because we have a rigorous design and strict production line. As a result, Beston’s waste sorting equipment for sale is very competitive on the market. As one of the most important machine among so many waste management recycling machines, garbage sorting machine has a vast market perspective. We believe it will be lucrative to invest such a machine if you have hills of solid wastes ready for processing. Beston is always here for providing the best waste separation machines and best services to our clients.

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