Thermal Desorption Unit Installed Successfully- Process Oil Sludge

Beston Group offers three types of pyrolysis plant for customers. This customer chose the batch model based on his situation. BLJ-16 is the model with the largest processing capacity among batch equipment. It can handle 12-16 tons of oil sludge every day. This customer was very pleased with the capacity of this machine. After a period of installation, the installation of this equipment has basically been completed. You can see the full picture of this project in the video below.

Apply BLJ-16 Beston Batch Thermal Desorption Unit to Process Oil Sludge

As you can see from the pictures below, this thermal desorption equipment has basically been installed. This equipment has a feeding system, pyrolysis system, water-cooling discharging system, condensation system, de-dusting system, etc. It can effectively deal with oil sludge. And during the treatment process, the exhaust gas emissions meet the standards. The environment is not polluted. The resulting pyrolysis oil has a wide range of uses. It can bring good benefits to customers.

Thermal Desorption Unit to Process Oil Sludge in 2023

BLJ-16 Batch Thermal Desorption Unit to Process Oil Sludge in 2023

Waste Pyrolysis Treatment

This customer mainly deals with local oil sludge. In fact, this equipment can handle not only sludge, but also tires and plastics. There are abundant local resources of sludge, tires and plastic waste. If you choose the pyrolysis method to deal with these wastes, these wastes can be fully utilized.

The processing capacity of oil sludge mainly depends on the composition and liquid content of the sludge. Depending on the liquid content of the oil sludge, Beston Group will recommend different feeding methods. And the pyrolysis parameters are also different. Therefore, if you would like to inquire about this oil sludge pyrolysis machine, please send Beston Group the details. We will recommend the appropriate solution based on the customer’s specific situation.

Oil Sludge Treatment Pyrolysis

If the oil sludge is not treated in time, the oil sludge will cause serious pollution to the environment. Waste pyrolysis is an effective way to deal with oil sludge. After processing is complete, the end products are pyrolysis oil, sand and water. Customers can benefit from pyrolysis oil. Beston Group provides complete oil sludge treatment solutions, including solution design, delivery route suggestions, installation assistance, and so on.

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