Solid Waste Treatment Plant

Beston offers world-class solid waste treatment plant across the whole world. We have many years’ experience of research on waste process technologies and manufacturing of MSW treatment plants. The solid waste disposal facility, also known as waste segregation machine with a strong function of segregation finally turns out to be the most effective one. As a result, our plants have a vast perspective and value on the market.

Solid Waste Treatment Plant
Beston Solid Waste Treatment Plant – Sorting Waste Materials

Employing the most advanced waste sorting techniques, Beston solid waste treatment and processing plant have high efficiency and quality. All the solid wastes from urban areas can be the raw materials of this plant. It first sorts the waste clearly according to sizes, natures, and materials., and then sends the sorted wastes to the respective reprocessing machines and recycle them into usable resources.

The capacities vary when the sizes and performances differ. In general, we can supply the following types of solid waste disposal plants:

Raw materialMunicipal solid waste, industrial waste and obsolete landfill waste;
Total power337kw365kwIncluding exhaust gas and leachate treatment system;
Plant area18002200Can be designed according to the site;
Production shift1-2 shifts1-2 shifts
Use labor quantity15-2015-20

Assessing the Solid Waste Treatment Plant Cost

If you want to invest in this MSW recycling plant, you may want to know how much it will cost. To assess the cost of waste disposal, you need to think of the following factors:

  • Price of the plant. It refers to the expense you spend on the plant itself when you buy it from the supplier. The prices are different with the different performances, size and specific configurations. But no matter which one you finally choose, it should be a reasonable price which can make sure your investment is worthy in the future. Besides, we suggest you also consider the cost of electricity, water and the rent of workshop in your budget. They are the necessary parts of the cost of the plant.
  • Cost of labor. If you need to hire enough workers to operate the plant, you’d better count the cost of labor in. But if you choose an automatic one like what we can offer, you will never worry too much about this factor. The only thing you need to do is to hire some persons to work on the manual platform because all the other part of our solid waste treatment plant are running automatically.
  • Subsequent costs. It refers to the expense you will spend on the maintenance and repairing. Beston’s garbage treatment plant has a quality guarantee and we have professional personnel who are responsible for the maintenance of the sold plants.
  • Time cost. When you decide to buy the plant, you need to spend much time on looking for the proper supplier, a suitable type of machine and detailed project reports. If you can get all the things ready as soon as possible, you will save your time and start the solid waste disposal plant early.
municipal solid waste treatment plant
Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant – Reasonable Cost & Advanced Sorting Technology

If you want to have a more detailed assessment of the cost, you can contact us directly and we can customize the specific plant according to your real need and budget.

Features of Beston Solid Waste Treatment Plant Design

  • Fully automatic operation improves the working efficiency and avoids manual operation miss.
  • Specialized odor control system keeps the working environment sanitary and healthy.
  • Sealed processing process makes sure there’s no pollution to the surrounding.
  • Noise-control is good (≤80dB).
  • The materials using for this plant is corrosion resistant. The de-rusting grade of the carbon steel device reaches to the standard Sa2.5 specified in GB8923-88.
  • The plant is very convenient for assembling and shipping.
  • Our solid waste disposal system (garbage sorting machine) is consist of many different devices with different functions. According to the different needs of customers, we can make different designs of configuration for them.
Solid Waste Treatment Plant Design
Advanced Solid Waste Treatment Plant Design

Working Process of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant

  • Loading and feeding. You can use Grab-crane loading or storage pit loading to load the waste to the plate feeder. Upstairs loading is also optional if you have enough budget and this way is much more sanitary. The plate feeder sends the waste to the uniform distribution machine. It is installed right in the rear end of the feeder and can spread the waste evenly on the belt conveyor.
  • Picking out bulky waste. Waste like quilt, furniture and big wood branches will be picked out at the manual sorting platform.
  • The next step is bag breaking and screening. The conveyor conveys the waste to the bag braking machine. After the bag in the waste is broken, they will go to the rotating screening machine to receive screening. The rotating screen machine, with 5mm bores distributed on the walls, can separate waste into two kinds, undersized materials (<50 mm) and oversized materials (>50 mm).
  • Undersized materials are usually the organic waste. They will be conveyed to the suspension-type magnetic separator to get the metal out. The rest will be packed and waiting for follow-up processing. Oversized materials are usually plastic, stone, textiles, rubber products, etc. They will also be conveyed to the magnetic separator to get the iron cans or tins out. And then they will go to the eddy separator to get the nonferrous matters out. Finally, the rest will continue to be sent by the conveyor to the comprehensive winnowing machine.
  • The winnowing machine can separate the rest waste into light plastic waste, heavy articles, and other materials.
  • The light plastic waste will go to the hydraulic packaging machine, getting pressed and packaged, waiting for subsequent processing after the impurities are picked out.
  • Usable parts of the heavy materials (bricks and stones, rubber overshoes, ceramic chips, glasses) will be picked out and then the rest like brick or stones will be collected and waiting for reprocessing.
  • Hard plastic, rubber products, fabrics and large organic waste will be picked out from the other materials separated out by the winnowing machine. Since they are mostly combustible, you can send them to the landfills or use them to generate electricity.


solid waste disposal plant
Process of Solid Waste Disposal Plant

Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Methods

After the solid waste being sorted, they will be waiting for disposal or reprocessing. Generally, we will get the following kinds of waste in the end, waste plastic, rubber products, organic waste, metal, brickbats, and stones.

Beston provides the reprocessing recycling machines for them. For example, you can use waste plastic and tyre pyrolysis plant to turn waste plastic and rubber into pyrolysis oil. A biochar making machine will be very helpful to turn the organic waste into biochar, or you can use the fermentation system to get biogas from them. All those by-products have a high value of using, so you can sell them out very easily on the market.

Besides, the metal can be used to produce steel bars in steel factories and the brickbats and stone can be used to produce new bricks. Therefore, you can also sell them out directly to make money.

If you choose Beston solid waste treatment plant, you will find you are enjoying the one package service. No matter what kind of solid waste you want to dispose of, we can always assure you a high-efficiency recycling and high reward of the investment.

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