Solid Waste Disposal Solution

Hazardous Solid Waste Disposal Solution

Are you looking for an incinerator plant? Beston can provide an integrated customized solution, which adopts high-temperature pyrolysis gasification incineration process with harmless exhaust gas purification system, which can easily realize harmless and reduced disposal of many kinds of wastes and avoid causing secondary pollution of the environment. The incinerator is suitable for the harmless disposal of general industrial waste and industrial solid waste, and transforms the waste into harmless waste, which is very helpful to the environment and public health.Click here to contact us for more details.

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Types of Hazardous Solid Waste for Incineration

Incinerator can deal with different hazardous solid waste, such as medical waste, industrial waste, etc., and end products are waste gas and thermal energy for utilization.

Medical Waste
Cotton swabs, medical masks, medical gloves, medical gowns, syringes, infusion sets, dialyzers, needles, scalpels, surgical saws, steel nails, etc.
Industrial Waste
Waste containing waste acids/alkalis/high salts, heavy metal residues, sludge, industrial waste trimmings, etc.
Laboratory Waste
Hazardous waste generated in laboratories of scientific research institutes, testing organizations, academic societies, colleges and universities, etc.

Beston Helps You Realize Following Benefits

Waste Reduction

The incinerator can maximize the reduction and elimination of waste, with a reduction of more than 95% and a thermal burn reduction rate of less than 5%.

Waste Harmlessness

The incinerator adopts high-temperature pyrolysis gasification technology (3T+E), which can be designed to meet the standard according to the emission requirements.

Waste Resourcefulness

Waste heat generated can be converted into electricity or thermal energy, while the residue can be converted into reusable materials.

Plant Miniaturization

The incinerator has a small processing capacity and a small footprint, which can dispose of the waste on-site and save investment costs.

Solid Waste Incinerator

Feeding System
Incineration System
Secondary Combustion Chamber
Desulfurization & Deacidification
Flue Gas Dedusting & Emission
Feeding system

Contains drying, crushing and other pre-treatment systems. The feeding system includes hopper, lifting and conveying and related equipment.

Combustion System

Contains incinerator, slag discharge and auxiliary burner system. There are 2 kinds of incinerators: horizontal incinerator and vertical pyrolysis gasifier. The secondary combustion chamber contains combustion chamber and related auxiliary combustion system.

Exhaust gas purification system

Contains desulfurization and deacidification, dust removal equipment, etc.

Flue gas emission system

Contains induced draft fan, chimney and exhaust gas online detection system.

Parameter about Solid Waste Incinerator

Model BHSI-20 BHSI-30 BHSI-50 BHSI-100 BHSI-150 BHSI-300 BHSI-500 BHSI5T
Capacity 10-20kg/batch 20-30kg/batch 30-50kg/batch 50-100kg/batch 100–150kg/batch 200-300kg/batch 300-500kg/batch 200kg/h
Primary Chamber Size (mm) Inner size: 760*370*450
Volume: 0.13m³ External size: 900*600*700
Inner size: 1200*480*550
Volume: 0.32m³ External size: 1450*900*1020
Inner size: 1500*620*700 Volume: 0.7m³ Outer size: 1800*1150*1200 Inner size: 1680*760*760 Volume: 0.97m³ Outer size: 1900*1200*1260 Inner size: 1780*760*880 Volume: 1.19m³ Outer size: 2000*1200*1360 Inner size: 1850*900*1050 Volume: 1.75m³ Outer size: 2200*1570*1510 Inner size: 2650*1100*1250 Volume: 3.64m³ Outer size: 3000*1750*1710 Φ1800*4000m
Feeding port size (furnace door) mm 370*480 480*520 620*680 620*680 760*840 620*980 1080*1280 900*900
Body size (mm) 900*600*1520 1450*900*1920 1800*1150*2200 1800*1200*2280 2000*1200*2480 2200*1570*2870 3000*1750*3070
Overall dimensions (mm) 1300*1400*2000 1800*1500*2600 2200*2100*2950 2300*2250*3100 2360*2250*3400 2650*2200*3500 3450*2650*4100
Secondary combustion chamber dimensions Ø500*750 Ø630*800 Ø720*900 Ø800*1020 Ø800*1020 Ø1000*1260 Ø1100*1260 Φ1600*3000
Chimney (OD :mm) Φ133*6m Φ159*6m Φ219*6m Φ219*6m Φ273*6m Φ325*6m/Ø425*6M Φ425*6m/Ø530*6M DN250 25 Meter
Oxygenating fan 0.18kw 0.55kw 0.55kw 0.55kw 0.75kw 1.5kw 3kw 8kw
Primary chamber burner(power) 0.13kw 0.13kw 0.13kw 0.13kw 0.17kw 0.17kw 0.17kw 4kw
Primary chamber burner(power) 0.13kw 0.13kw 0.17kw 0.17kw 0.17kw 0.17kw 0.17kw 5kw
Operating voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V
Weight Approx (kg) 1650 3000 4500 4950 5300 6600 12000 20000

Solid Waste Pyrolysis Gasifier

Feeding System
Pyrolysis Gasification System
Secondary combustion chamber
Waste heat recovery System
Flue gas purification & emission
pyrolysis gasifier beston
Automatic feeding system

Contains lifting mechanism, automatic turning feeding mechanism, hopper and feeding control mechanism.

Pyrolysis gasification & secondary combustion system

Contains vertical pyrolysis gasification furnace (a combustion chamber), slag discharge mechanism, the second combustion chamber and supporting ignition, air supply, cooling systems, etc..

Waste heat recovery system

Contains waste heat boiler, emergency cooling equipment, water supply, water level control and related water circulation system.

Exhaust gas purification system

Contains acid removal tower, desulfurization, activated carbon adsorption, bag dust removal and related accessories.

Exhaust gas emission system

Contains acid removal tower, desulfurization, activated carbon adsorption, bag dust removal and related accessories.

Electric control system

Contains power cabinet, PLC cabinet, upper computer system, various sensors and related cables.

Parameters about Solid Waste Pyrolysis Gasifier

Model BVPG-20 BVPG-22 BVPG-26 BVPG-30 BVPG-42
Capacity (t/d) 10 15 20 30 50
Load Fluctuation Range 6-15 t/d 9-18 t/d 12-24 t/d 18-36 t/d 30-60 t/d
Cylinder Diameter 2000mm 2200mm 2600mm 3000mm 4200mm
Furnace Material Q235, 20# Q235, 20# Q235, 20# Q235, 20# Q235, 20#
Driving System 35KW 45KW 55KW 75KW 150KW
DMembrane Wall 1.9T 2.9T 4.2T 5.6T 9.3T
Rapid Cooling Tower (mm) φ2100*H12000 φ2400*H13000 φ2500*H13000 φ2600*H15000 φ3600*H15000
Reduction Ratio ≥86% ≥86% ≥86% ≥86% ≥86%
Scorch Reduction Ratio ≤3% ≤3% ≤3% ≤3% ≤3%
Landing Area 53*22 53*23 58*24 62*25 70*27
Power 250 320 370 400 450
Burner 700KW 700KW 1200KW 1400KW 1700KW
Total Weight 580t 685t 870t 1100t 1305t
Noise ≤85dB ≤85dB ≤85dB ≤85dB ≤85dB
Power 250 320 370 400 450
Solid Waste Disposal Projects

Designed by Beston Group

Honor and Patent Certificates

Technical Advantages

Adequate combustion of waste is conducive to reducing soot and dioxin content and enhancing the slag reduction rate.
Simple Structure
Small footprint, convenient operation, easy maintenance, low operational energy consumption, no auxiliary fuel required in processing, low investment and operating costs.
Long Lifetime
Temperature field distribution is reasonable, heat loss is small, rotating grate is protected by slag layer, low working temperature and long service life.
Vast Application
Applicable to both domestic waste, medical waste and hazardous waste treatment, systematic treatment form, stable and reliable operation.
High Utilization
Combined with advanced power generation technology, a small waste energy station is constructed to enhance the comprehensive utilization rate of recovered heat energy.
High Standard
Meet different standards of operation condition and pollutant emission, realizing harmlessness, reduction and resourceful utilization in waste disposal.

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