Ship Mobile Biochar Machine to Australia in 2023

Recently, an Australian customer orders a set of Beston BST-05Pro mobile biochar machine. This customer uses the machine to process wood chips to obtain biochar for soil remediation. At the same time, the Australian customer also sees the potential of biochar in carbon-neutral industries. Therefore, this customer wants to be certified by our machine for the carbon removal platform. Read on for more information.

BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine Shipping to Australia
BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine Shipping to Australia

Why Does the Australian Customer Choose to Cooperate with Beston Group?

Beston Group is Professional in the Carbon Neutral Industry

The customer hopes to get a machine that can pass the carbon removal platform certification. Carbon trading has high-requirement for the quality of biochar. To the Australian customer’s satisfaction, Beston Group can provide this customer with machine for producing high-quality biochar. In addition, we can also provide this customer with information related to carbon neutral industry.

Beston Group’s Youtube Live Streaming in Factory is Intuitive

Recently, Beston Group opens YouTube live streaming in our factory. The content is about the production test of the portable biochar kiln. This Australian customer watches our live streaming. He thinks this way shows the production process of biochar very intuitively. In addition, this customer also has more trust in our machine. If you are interested in our live streaming, you can follow our Youtube.

Ship Portable Biochar Kiln to Australia in 2023
Beston Mobile Biochar Unit to Australia in 2023

Solutions for Australian Customers’ Problems – Infrastructure Construction

Problems From Australian Customer

The customer has his own construction plan. Therefore, the foundation cannot be dug according to the standard scheme. In addition, the Australian customer cannot build pools at the production site. These are the problems this customer wants us to solve.

Solutions Beston Group Provides

After understanding the needs of customers, our technicians propose effective solutions. Regarding the foundation, we recommend laying a big frame under the biochar production equipment. In this way, the height of the device can be increased. This avoids digging the foundation. Regarding the problem of the pool, we recommend replacing it with a water tank.

Shipping of BST-05Pro Biochar Machine in Australia
Delivery of BST-05Pro Biomass Pyrolysis Plant toAustralia

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