Ship Fruit Tray Making Machine to Mexico in 2024

A BTF4-4 fruit tray making machine was shipped to Mexico in January 2024. The equipment is expected to reach this customer’s port one month later. Upon arrival at this customer’s site, this customer will handle the installation themselves. This customer has previously purchased our equipment for producing egg trays and possesses extensive operational and installation experience. This machine is capable of producing 2000 pieces of fruit trays per hour. Please refer to the shipment picture.

Ship Fruit Tray Making Machine to Mexico in 2024
Ship Fruit Tray Making Machine to Mexico in 2024

Ship Fruit Tray Making Machine to Mexico in 2024

This customer purchased our egg tray machine four years ago. And our collaboration has been very pleasant. So, when this customer decided to expand production scale and produce fruit trays this time, they reached out to us. Please find the information for this project:

  • Capacity: 2000 pieces/hour;
  • Raw material source: Waste paper (purchased);
  • Final product: Apple trays;
  • Equipment configuration: Standard BTF4-4 & customized molds;

Ship Beston Fruit Tray Making Machine to Mexico in 2024

Why Did This Customer Choose Us Again?

As this customer expands their business once again, he has chosen to collaborate with Beston Group again. Upon understanding the detailed requirements of this customer, our professional team provided them with practical and viable solutions. The entire communication process was exceptionally smooth. Our primary services for customers include:

  • Customized molds: We offer customized molds according to the customer’s needs, such as apple trays, kiwi trays, egg trays, and so on. If you have specific requirements, you can send us images and specific dimensions of the fruits.
  • Professional technical and drawing guidance: We provide detailed solutions for customers to reference, including technical guidance, layout drawings, and so on.

This customer’s decision to choose us again reflects the satisfaction with our services, like, the reliability of our solutions, and the effectiveness of our collaboration in meeting their business needs.

Ship BTF4-4 Fruit Tray Making Machine to Mexico in 2024

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