Ship BST-30 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant To Malaysia

Here comes the good news! A set of BST-30 biomass pyrolysis plant has been shipped to Malaysia successfully. This Malaysian customer orders this plant to process wood chips, which can be carbonized into biochar and other by-products. Believe this investment can bring this Malaysian customer a good return. Please read on for more information on this project.

Ship BST-30 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant to Thailand
Ship BST-30 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant to Thailand

Information for Biochar Production Equipment Shipped to Malaysia

  • Model: BST-30 biomass pyrolysis plant (with drying system and condensing system);
  • Raw material: wood chips(size around 2cm, moisture 30%-40%);
  • Source of raw material: local lumber mill;
  • End product: biochar, tar, and wood vinegar;
  • Use of end product: for sale.

Shipment Arrangement of BST-30 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia

  • Production cycle: 2 months;
  • Delivery date: May 12, 2023;
  • Estimated arrival date: mid-June 2023;
  • Expected installation form: On-site guidance installation.
BST-30 Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to Thailand
Shipment of Biochar Production Equipment to Thailand

Why the Malaysian Customer Invests in Beston Group

Reliable carbonization technology

The Malaysian customer believes that the development prospect of the carbon sequestration project is good, but has no relevant experience.  This customer intends to cooperate with an experienced supplier with mature technology, which can guarantee the stability of investment. The Malaysian customer thinks Beston’s carbonization machine with environmental protection and energy saving design is reliable enough, which can lay the foundation for him to enter the carbon credit market. Therefore,  this customer chooses to work with Beston Group.

Professional technical support

This Malaysian customer encountered difficulties in the approval process of environmental certificates. After careful communication with the Malaysian customer, we provide this customer with a complete solution. We supply customers with the required exhaust and waste emission data, which assists customers in applying for environmental certificates.

Contact Us to Start Your Biomass Pyrolysis Business

As the whole world pays more attention to the recovery of biomass resources, biomass pyrolysis plants have become the choice of more investors. Obviously, this Malaysian customer chooses Beston’s carbonization equipment precisely because of the development potential of the biomass recycling industry. If you also want to start a biomass pyrolysis project, please contact us for more details.

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