Ship BLJ-6 Pyrolysis Plant To Cyprus in 2023 – Plastic To Oil

Here comes a good news! A set of BLJ-6 plastic pyrolysis plant has been shipped to Cyprus in 2023. Beston Group actively communicated with this Cyprus customer during the production process. This customer praised Beston Group’s products and services. This Cyprus customer will receive the plant soon. And this customer hopes that Beston’s BLJ-6 plastic pyrolysis plant can help this customer generate more income. If you want to know more about this case, please read on.

Ship BLJ-6 Pyrolysis Plant To Cyprus in 2023- Plastic To Oil
Ship BLJ-6 Pyrolysis Plant To Cyprus in 2023- Plastic To Oil

Information Of BLJ-6 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant To Cyprus in March 2023

  • Model: BLJ-6 pyrolysis plant (dual system);
  • Raw material: waste packaging (mainly plastic);
  • Source of raw materials: waste packaging from saltwork;
  • End Product: pyrolysis oil;
  • End product use: saltwork’s own fuel;
  • Production cycle: 60 days;
  • Shipping date: March 2023 (from Qingdao Port);
  • Estimated arrival date: April 2023;
  • Installation form: online guide installation.

Ship The Reactor of BLJ-6 Pyrolysis Plant To Cyprus - Plastic To Oil

Solutions Based On Needs of This Cyprus Customer

This Cyprus customer runs a saltwork. This customer purchases a plastic pyrolysis plant to process waste packaging materials from a salt factory. The customer has the following needs:

  • First, this customer hopes to save energy costs through the pyrolysis oil produced by the pyrolysis plant.
  • In addition, this customer hopes that the pyrolysis plant can process 1000kg of waste a day.
  • Finally, this customer wants the end product and production site to be clean. Here is no unpleasant smell at the production site.

According to the needs of this Cyprus customer, Beston Group recommends BLJ-16 pyrolysis plant. This set of BLJ-16 pyrolysis plant includes a dual system of the catalytic tower and steam drum. To satisfy the need for the smell of the production site, Beston Group recommends adding high-end deodorizing equipment.

Beston Shipped The Casing of BLJ-6 Beston Pyrolysis Plant To Cyprus - Plastic To Oil
Beston Shipped The Casing of BLJ-6 Beston Pyrolysis Plant To Cyprus – Plastic To Oil

Why This Customer From Cyprus Chooses Beston Pyrolysis Plant?

Beston Group also actively communicates with this customer from Cyprus. He tells us why he chooses Beston pyrolysis plant.
Professional equipment: This customer from Cyprus thinks Beston pyrolysis plant looks more professional than other brands of equipment. In addition, Beston unique catalyst wax removal technology is also the reason to impress him.
Complete service system: Beston Group provides meticulous services during the project. After the project is completed, there is also an after-sales service guarantee.

Beston Group has provided products and services of high quality for this Cyprus customer. He expects to establish a further cooperative relationship with Beston Group. If you also want to invest in Beston pyrolysis plant, please contact Beston Group.

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