Ship BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Plant to Japan in 2023

Here comes the good news! A set of BLJ-3 mobile pyrolysis plant has shipped to Japan successfully. The Japanese customer orders this machine to process waste tires. Hope this pyrolysis machine can meet the expectations of the Japanese customer. Please read on to learn more information about this project.

Ship BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Unit to Japan
Ship BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Unit to Japan

Information on Mobile Pyrolysis Plant in Japan

  • Model: BLJ-3 mobile pyrolysis unit;
  • Capacity: 1-1.5 tons/day;
  • Raw material: waste tires;
  • Source of raw material: customer’s transport fleet, local collection;
  • Use of end product: personal use and sale;
  • Configuration: standard configuration with catalytic system;
  • Installation method: on-site guidance installation.

BLJ-3 Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Japan

Solution to the Japanese Customer’s Requirement

In the process of communication, the Japanese customer encountered some problems. This customer wants to know the cost of the self-supplied machines. Besides, the customer wants to know how to arrange workers when installing the machine.
According to the Japanese customer’s requirements, we provide a list of self-provided machines and calculate the approximate cost to this customer. In addition, we list the type and number of workers required for installation.

BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Unit in Japan

Why the Japanese Customer Chooses to Cooperate with Beston

Cost-effective Machine

The customer from Japan intends to choose a cost-effective machine to test the effect of processing tires. That’s exactly what Beston’s skid-mounted pyrolysis machine can do. This machine is easy to install and maintain, greatly reducing the customer’s budget. If the test results are good, the Japanese customer considers investing in large-scale equipment.

Clear Division of Labor

The Japanese customer thinks that each department of Beston has a clear division of labor, which makes him feel comfortable about our services. During the process of the project, our sales, finance, and technical departments cooperate with each other to solve various problems from this customer. Excellent service makes Japanese customer chooses Beston.


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After the BLJ-3 mobile pyrolysis plant arrives at the customer site, we will also update the installation news. Believe this machine can play an important role in the waste management project of the Japanese customer. If you are also interested in pyrolysis waste tires, please contact us for more details.

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