Rice Husk to Charcoal Solution in Argentina in 2023

A customer at Beston Group has opted for the rice husk to charcoal solution. This solution processes rice husks into biomass charcoal for use in barbecues. In response to this customer’s requirements, Beston Group has provided the customer with BST-10 rice husk charcoal making machine. At present, the installation of this equipment is essentially complete. Please review the on-site project status.

Rice Husk Pyrolysis Solution in Argentina in 2023

This customer is dealing with agricultural waste – rice husks. The moisture content of the rice husks this customer wants to process is below 15%. Therefore, there is no need for this customer to carry out drying treatment on the rice husks. If the moisture content exceeds 15%, Beston Group recommends equipping a drying system.

In addition, this customer will use rice husk charcoal for barbecue purposes. Along with providing rice husk charcoal equipment, Beston Group also offers a charcoal briquette making line. This allows the rice husk charcoal to be shaped into various forms, such as hexagon, round, and so on. Collaborators can send us detailed requirements for customization.

Rice Husk to Charcoal Solution - Pyrolysis
Rice Husk to Charcoal Solution – Pyrolysis

Turning Agricultural Waste into Resources – Pyrolysis

In Argentina and other countries, there are various types of agricultural biomass waste, such as straw, elephant grass, corn cobs, and so on. Direct incineration of these biomass materials would result in the emission of greenhouse gases and harmful substances. If these biomass materials are simply accumulated, a large amount of carbon dioxide will be emitted. This poses potential safety hazards such as fires. Pyrolysis is a method to valorize these materials.

  • Resource utilization: Pyrolysis can transform waste agricultural biomass into a usable renewable resource – biomass charcoal. This can help alleviate the shortage of non-renewable resources.
  • Environmental friendliness: In the pyrolysis process, the exhaust gases are treated to meet emission standards. Therefore, the entire process complies with environmental requirements.

Collaborating with Beston Group

Beston Group is a provider of pyrolysis solutions and a manufacturer of biomass pyrolysis equipment. We offer professional solutions and suitable equipment to our collaborators. If you are interested in this recycling solution, please send us detailed information.

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