Rice Husk to Charcoal Project Going Smoothly in Costa Rica

In 2023, Beston Group’s rice husk to charcoal project is progressing smoothly in Costa Rica. A set of BST-10 charcoal making machine has been installed in Costa Rica. Our technical engineers provide installation guidance throughout the entire process. According to the original plan, the next step of the project will be to enter the equipment debugging stage. Below are pictures from the installation site for your reference.

Intallation of BST-10 Charcoal Making Machine is Compelete in Costa Rica

Overview of Rice Husk to Charcoal Project in Costa Rica

This Costa Rican customer operates an agricultural products processing plant. With the continuous operation of the factory, there is a continuous output of rice husks. The accumulation of rice husks was causing problems for this Costa Rican customer. Therefore, he has been hoping to find a way to process rice husks on a large scale and sustainably. Fortunately, Beston Group’s charcoal making machine solved this customer’s problem. Below are details of specific solutions:

  • Customer Industry: Rice Processing
  • Customer Requirement: Disposal of rice husk leftover from rice processing
  • Recycling Solution: Continuous rice husk carbonizer to make charcoal
  • Equipment Model/Capacity: BST-10/2-4m³/h
  • Uses of charcoal: Barbecue charcoal/fuel
  • Equipment installation method: on-site guided installation

Intall BST-10 Charcoal Making Machine in Costa Rica

Charcoal Machine Brings Opportunities to Multiple Industries in Costa Rica

In addition to the agricultural product processing industry, the impact of the charcoal machine extends to various sectors. Charcoal production provides new options for waste disposal in multiple industries. Besides, valuable charcoal also broadens their product systems. The following are examples of two industries.

Wood Processing Industry

Costa Rica is rich in forest resources, especially teak. This has led to the development of the wood processing industry. As a by-product of this industry, wood chips and sawdust are produced. The wood charcoal machine effectively converts these wastes into valuable charcoal. Charcoal provides a sustainable fuel source for wood processing and other industries. This contributes to the circular economy.

Food Processing Industry

As an important export product of Costa Rica, coffee is produced on a large scale. As part of the food processing industry, coffee cultivation and processing produces a large amount of waste coffee husks. The charcoal making machine reduces and recycles these wastes. In addition to fuel, charcoal has a positive impact as a soil additive for the cultivation of commercial crops.

Charcoal Machine Brings Opportunities to Multiple Industries in Costa Rica

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