Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia

In recent years, pyrolysis plant in Malaysia provides sustainable solutions to waste management in the country. The machine converts various wastes, such as tyres, rubber, plastic, and oil sludge, into valuable end products through pyrolysis. Especially, this technology not only alleviates environmental problems for Malaysia but also can bring economic benefits. Pyrolysis plant for sale in Malaysia has promising future prospects. Therefore, this kind of machine attracts the attention of more Malaysian investors.

Pyrolysis Plant Available for Sale in Malaysia
Pyrolysis Plant Available for Sale in Malaysia

Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia – Solution for Tyre/Plastic/Oil Sludge Treatment

How deal with waste tyres, rubber, plastics and oil sludge in Malaysia is a serious environmental problem. If these wastes are not properly disposed of, they may cause the following environmental hazards:

Soil Pollution in Malaysia

Soil Pollution

Chemicals and heavy metals in these wastes can leach into the soil. This can negatively affect plant growth and crop yields. Not only that, harmful substances may also be passed to humans and animals through the food chain.

Water Pollution in Malaysia

Water Pollution

If these wastes are not properly disposed of, they may enter water sources and cause water pollution. Hazardous substances in these wastes can destroy aquatic habitats. They also negatively impact water quality.

Air Pollution in Malaysia

Air Pollution

Incineration of these wastes can cause air pollution. This process produces harmful particles and gases that can negatively impact air quality. In addition, this creates hazards for human health and ecosystems.

Therefore, how to dispose of these waste resources in an eco-friendly way has become an urgent issue in Malaysia. Fortunately, pyrolysis reactor in Malaysia makes these problems easier to mitigate. Pyrolysis technology is a thermal decomposition process that occurs in the absence of oxygen. It leads to the breakdown of complex organic materials into simpler compounds in high-temperature. In this process, waste is converted into valuable products such as pyrolysis oil, carbon black, and syngas.

End Product of Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia – Turning Waste Into Wealth

Different raw materials will result in different finished products. The proportion of the final product also varies depending on the raw material.

Raw Material End Product
Waste Plastic pyrolysis oil, carbon black, combustible gas
Waste Tyre/Rubber pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire, combustible gas
Oil Sludge pyrolysis oil, water, sand

However, the oil yield of different raw materials is different. For specific data, you can refer to the statistical chart below.

The oil yield of different raw materials

Fields of Application of End Product From Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Malaysia

Pyrolysis Oil in Malaysia

Pyrolysis Oil

  • Sold directly as a commodity.
  • Used as fuel in steel mills, cement plants, power plants, brick factories, boilers, etc.
  • Refined into non-standard diesel.
Carbon Black in Malaysia

Carbon Black

  • Sold directly as a commodity.
  • Used as an additive in asphalt, cement, and brick factories.
  • Used as a raw material for making carbon bricks.
Syngas in Malaysia


  • Used to heat the combustion chamber.
  • Used as fuel in different industries.
  • Used to generate electricity.
Steel Wire in Malaysia

Steel Wire

  • Sold directly as a commodity.
  • Used to make steel.
  • Processed into other steel products.

Diverse Options – Types of Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Malaysia

In Malaysia, Beston Group provides four types of thermal desorption units available for sale. They are skid-mounted, batch, semi-continuous, and fully continuous equipment. They all have different characteristics.

Skid-Mounted Pyrolysis Plant Malaysia

Skid-Mounted Pyrolysis Plant – BLJ-3

This model adopts a skid-mounted design and can be moved as a whole. The machine has different processing capacities for different raw materials. Not only that, installation of this type is quick and easy. BLJ-3 adopts the design of front slag discharge. There are two feeding methods for choosing, manual and hydraulic feeding. In addition, if you need to process plastics, you can choose a catalytic tower.

Batch Pyrolysis Plant – BLJ-6/BLJ-10/BLJ-16

These models occupy small areas and have low energy consumption. So they greatly save costs for customers. What’s more, it also shortens the installation cycle. This can ensure that the machine is put into production in a short time. However, the daily output of this type of machine is not too much. So if you need to handle moderate volumes of material in a small site, this machine could be your choice.

Batch Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia
Semi-continuous Pyrolysis Plant Malaysia

Semi-Continuous Pyrolysis Plant – BLL-16

Semi-continuous equipment is actually batch equipment plus screw feeding and three water-cooled slag dischargers. In particular, we recommend this equipment for processing tyres in a rubber powder state. Tyres are preferably preconditioned to remove steel wires. This can effectively avoid clogging the slag outlet. In addition, the three water-cooled slag can basically realize the carbon black production in 3 hours. (7 hours for normal cooling)

Continuous Pyrolysis Plant – BLL-30

BLL-30 can realize continuous feeding and slag discharging. The machine adopts high-temperature flue gas reuse and precise temperature control technology. Accurate reactor temperature control is achieved through the precise ratio of air volume and syngas. In addition, the standard configuration is equipped with high-end exhaust gas treatment, which can meet European standards.

Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant Malaysia

Earning Income in a Green Way – Profitability of Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia

When you invest in a plant, whether it can be profitable is the most critical factor you need to consider. Beston’s pyrolysis machine in Malaysia, it’s profitable. Whether you want to invest in large or small equipment, we first discuss the feasibility of the project with you. Our professional technicians can recommend a solution that maximizes economic value for you. Below is the profit analysis of a machine for your reference.

Return on Investment of BLJ-16 Tyre Pyrolysis Project in Europe
IntroductionAccording to the market data of Europe, the estimated ROI report, the various expenses are as follows:
Fixed Investment CostItemDetailsUnitUnit Price/USDQuantityAmount/USDRemark
From Port to SiteSet580015800
Customs Tax0.15Set13350113350
InstallationBeston technician's salaryDay3505017500
Round-trip ariticketsEa382021640
Local welderDay120100120002 welders are needed
Local plumberDay120202400
Local laborDay108505400
Crane forkliftDay160304800
MaterialsInstallation materials readySet520015200Foundation, pipe, etc.
Licenses/Ea200012000Environmental, firefighting, etc.
Total Amount$452440.00
Operating CostRaw MaterialsWaste tyreTon0120
FuelNatural gasLiter0.77240184.8
Depreciation8 yearsDay175.181175.18
Total Amount$906.95
End Products PriceTyre oil45%Ton5.44332338.245% of input
Steel Wire15%Ton1.8216388.815% of input
Carbon black3%Ton3.6162583.230% of input
Total Amount$4510.2
Daily Income$3603.25
Monthly IncomeWorking dayDay25$90081.17
Yearly IncomeWorking dayDay300$1080974

The specific profitability of a machine is affected by many factors. If you want to know how a pyrolysis plant in Malaysia can be profitable in your area, please consult us.

How Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia Works?


Transfer materials to the reaction furnace through the conveying equipment. There are belt conveyors, hydraulic feeders, and automatic screw feeders for your choice.


After putting the raw materials into the reactor and sealing the door, start the burner for preheating. Two hours later, the reactor temperature reaches around 150 degrees. At this point, oil and gas production begins.


Oil and gas first enter the steam drum from the reactor. The role of the steam drum is to separate the sludge oil from the oil and gas. Subsequently, the syngas is directed to a condenser for liquefaction. Non-condensable gases pass through the water seal. The water seal plays the role of purifying the gas and preventing backfire.

Combustible Gas Recovery

Finally, the non-condensable gas returns to the combustion chamber instead of fuel combustion. Usually, the preheating burner can be turned off 2 hours after the system starts to generate oil and gas.

Flue Gas Dust Removal

The flue gas produced by the combustion chamber first enters the flue gas condenser. Then it goes to the dedusting tower. The condenser reduces the temperature of the hot smoke from 400 degrees to 200 degrees. This is to prevent the fan from being damaged due to high temperatures. The two-layer ceramic ring first absorbs the hot flue gas non-emission matter. Finally, it is released after spraying water in the dedusting tower.

Steel Wire Extraction

If the raw material is processed by tyre pyrolysis plant, it is necessary to extract the steel wire. When processing the whole tyre, the extraction occurs by pulling with a forklift. When using shredded tyres, you can extract the material through a small discharge door located at the front of the reactor.

Trustworthy Supplier – Global Success Cases of Beston Pyrolysis Plant Project

If you still hesitate about which manufacturer to choose, Beston Group’s successful projects of pyrolysis plants all over the world can provide you with references. Beston Group, an experienced company, continues its dedication to researching more advanced equipment. In addition, we also hope that our services can achieve the long-term success of our customers. This is why Beston Group is able to reach cooperation on pyrolysis projects with customers all over the world. The following successful cases will let you know more about our strengths.

Cooperate with Beston Group for Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia

The future of pyrolysis plants in Malaysia holds immense potential for growth and innovation. Pyrolysis technology is playing a vital role in Malaysia’s transition to a circular economy. Waste can be a valuable resource. With this machine, the concept of “waste into wealth” becomes a reality. If you want to seize this opportunity in Malaysia, just choose Beston Group to be your partner. Welcome to consult more related information on our Youtube.

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