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FAQs of Pyrolysis Plant

What are the end products from pyrolysis plant? And usages of them?

For the fuel oil (35-45%), it is high calorific value fuel, and the usages are:

  1. Sold directly as fuel to steel mills, boiler plants, construction machinery, etc;
  2. Burned as fuel to generate electricity;
  3. After purification, it can be made into high-quality fuel oil, which can be mixed with standard diesel for use in low speed and heavy duty machinery, construction machinery, large trucks, ships and so on;

For the carbon black (30-35%), the usages are:

  1. Mixed withcoal to make the coal pellets, can be burned as fuel;
  2. Mixed withbuilding materials to make bricks and asphalt modifier;
  3. After processing,itcan be used as a rubber reinforcement agent, produce new rubber products, tires, belts and so on;
  4. After grinding, it can be used in the production of inkorthe black pigment of printing ink.

For the steel (8-15%), the usages are:

After packaging, direct sales to steel processing enterprises.

For the syngas (8-15%), the usages are:

Recycle it as fuel to heat the reactor. By this way, customers can save a lot of fuel.

Emissions and pollution problems of pyrolysis plant?

The amount of emission gas is different according to the selection of model. The emission gas is mainly composed of two parts, most of which are produced by fuel combustion and process of heating the reactor, and small part is produced by the direct burning of excess pyrolysis gas. The emission gas mainly contains sulfur compounds, nitrogen oxides, dust, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, etc. There are many European customers who are running the plant and the emissions meet local standards.

Safety design of Beston pyrolysis machine?
  • Keep sufficient safety distance between the reactor and the oil tank;
  • The pyrolysis syngas is burned as fuel, and a safety hydro-seal system is set up to prevent safety accidents caused by back fire;
  • The PLC control system is designed with a temperature and pressure safety threshold alarm system;
  • The feeding system of the fully continuous production line is designed with a nitrogen seal to isolate the air;
  • The oil storage tank is designed with a liquid level alarm system.

How to install the equipment?

At present, Beston Group provides customers with two installation methods: online installation and offline installation.

Our after-sales team can provide 24-hour online installation service, and we can also arrange engineers to the customer site for installation guidance if the customer requires it.

How long is the warranty and the services provided during the warranty?

The warranty is 18 months against BL date. Beston provides on-site and online services, regular telephone visits, lifetime maintenance and supply of wearing parts, etc.

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