Wood Pellet Making Machine

Wood pellet making machine is a kind of machine which turns wood materials such as sawdust, tree trunk, branches, roots, bark, wood waste, building templates into wood pellets with the influence of pressure and heat. The wood pellet maker machine is equipped with beautiful appearance and reasonable structure, which reduces the occupied area of the host body, is convenient to operate and also has a good molding effect.

Wood Pellet Making Machine
Beston Wood Pellet Making Machine for Sale

What Materials are Suitable for Wood Pellet Making Machine?

Except for wood, the wood pellet making line can be also used for making pellets from the following raw materials: rice husk, sawdust, grass, straw, peanut shells, palm shell, corn cobs, branches, bark, furfural residue, edible fungus residue, Chinese medicine residue etc.

Raw Materials Suitable for Wood Pellet Machine
Raw Materials Suitable for Wood Pellet Machine

Note: all the above biomass materials can be also recycled by another method – making BBQ charcoal by Beston biochar production units. You can choose the method as you like.

What are Wood Pellets Used for?

The finished products are wood pellets. Because of the convenient storage, transportation and usage of the wood pellet, they have been applied in many fields instead of coal and gas, including civil and industrial boiler fuel, heating, and even generate electricity.

Wood Sawdust Pellet
Wood Sawdust Pellet
6mm Wood Sawdust Pellet
6mm Wood Sawdust Pellet
Tree Bark Pellet
Tree Bark Pellet
With the sustainable development of national economy and the advancement of energy conservation, environmental protection and green low carbon economy, fuel consumption of biomass pellet will get a faster growth, the prospect of wood pellet will be grander than before. The most important thing is, the wood pellet making machine price is not very high, and its finish products are clean and durable.

Why is Wood Pellet Popular?

The main reason is that it recycles waste raw materials into useful resources, which means turning waste into treasure.

Wood pellet is a kind of biomass energy, which belongs to clean energy. Wood pellet contains less carbon content, lower sulfur content and significantly more oxygen content. The release of carbon dioxide from burning wood pellet is very low, compared with coal-fired boiler, you can consider it as zero carbon dioxide emissions. In short, using biomass combustion can realize biomass waste reduction, harmless and recycling use. To some extent, wood chip pellet machine is a magic which turns waste into wealth. You put some garbage into it, then get useful pellet fuel after a while. Isn’t it amazing and commendable?

How does Wood Pellet Maker Machine Work?

As time goes by, the automatic technology becomes more advanced. Making wood pellets from wood chips is much easier than before. Several necessary equipment in the whole wood pellet production line are as follows: crusher machine, dust remover, belt conveyor, hot air stove, dryer, induced draft fan, bag filter, silo, skip hoist, wood pellet mill, flat conveyor, etc. Now let’s see how to make wood pellets fuel step by step.

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1. Smashing

Make sure that the size of wood materials is not larger than 2cm, better 1cm. If not, you can use the equipped drum wood chipper to cut the wood to sawdust.

2. Drying

Make sure the moisture of wood materials is not higher than 15%. If not, you can use the equipped dryer to dry the materials.

3. Pelletizing

The wood materials are sent to the silo through the conveyor belt, and then conveyed to the distribution platform. Under the influence of gravity, the materials are distributed and squeezed into pellets by ring die.

4. Cooling & Packaging

After a few minutes, the wood pellets come out of the host. Through the flat conveyor, the pellets will enter the cooler and are ready to be packaged bag by bag.

Types of Wood Pellet Making Machines for Sale

Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Diameter of die (mm) Host size (mm) Jiaolong siloo (mm) Conveyor (mm) Dust remover (mm)
BKL-10 1—1.5 75KW 450 2850*1100*2000 2200*800*1100 7000*500 φ750*2600
BKL-20 1.5—2 90KW 450 2850*1100*2000 2200*800*1100 7000*500 φ750*2600
BKL-25 2—2.5 110KW 576 3200*1300*2500 2600*850*1300 8000*500 φ750*2600
BKL-30 2.5—3 132KW 596 3200*1300*2500 2600*850*1300 8000*500 φ750*2600

Note: The diameter is directly proportional to the output. The larger the diameter of the same machine and the same material, the greater the output.

The diameters of the commercial wood pellet mill mold include 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm.

Vertical Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine Design

  • Beston wood pellet plant design adopts vertical type and ring dies, which can guarantee the quality of the wood pellet, has a wide range of applications (suitable for all the biomass materials), and also highly improves the working efficiency;
  • The ring die can be used both sides to save cost for users;
  • The ring die of wood pellet making machine adopts 20CrMoTi material, which has high strength and toughness, especially high toughness from the low-temperature impact, so as to has a good molding effect;
  • The vertical feeding method makes the raw materials evenly distributed around the mold through the feeding port, so the force points of the mold are the same;
  • The ring die wood pellet equipment has simple structure, which is easy to operate and replace the vulnerable parts; the processing of the vulnerable parts adopts heat treatment and has high hardness;
  • The machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system, which regularly and quantitatively transports butter for lubrication, and does not need to be shut down for manual maintenance. Watch the video here.
Ring Die
Ring Die

Advantages of Wood Pellet Machine for Sale

  • It is equipped with high-quality reducer and bearings, which is durable, and has low consumption, stable operation.
  • The vertical mold can achieve vertical feeding, thus it can avoid cambering and get better heat emission.
  • The ring die is static, while pressure rollers are rotating , thus materials can be centrifuged and evenly distributed.
  • It has automatic cooling function. Hot air is pumped out by draft fan in order to avoid the granulating room from running under high temperature. Thus particles won’t be filled with steam and look more brighter.
Wood Pellet Machine for Sale
Wood Pellet Machine for Sale – Real Shot in Factory

Is Making Wood Pellets Profitable?

Yes, it is.

The following table is a simple profit analysis of investing in a wood pellet making machine:

Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Electricity consumption (Degree) Unit Price of Electricity (yuan) Fee of Electricity (yuan) Salary (yuan) Dryer (yuan) Maintenance (yuan) Raw material cost (yuan) Management cost (yuan) Sales price (yuan) Gross profit per hour (yuan) Working 8 hours profit
BKL-10 1 75 75 1 75 50 50 10 300 100 800 215 1720
BKL-20 2 90 90 1 90 50 100 20 600 100 1600 640 5120
BKL-25 2.5 110 110 1 110 50 130 20 750 100 2000 840 6720
BKL-30 3 132 132 1 132 50 150 30 900 100 2400 1038 8304

Note: the above cost and profit analysis is according to Chinese market. It is just for your reference only and does not include the cost of machine purchase and plant construction. Customers can make accurate calculations based on local raw materials, labor, and electricity, etc. Contact us for detailed analysis!

How do I Start a Wood Pellet Business?

Firstly, you need to get the basic knowledge of wood pellet mill plant. On one hand, you can arrange stuffs to get information on the internet. On the other hand, you can consult some partner manufacturers and get more practical advice.

Secondly, make a reasonable wood pellet mill business plan. You should think about such questions:

  • A. What is your raw material?
  • B. How big the field of your wood pellet plant is? Capacity?
  • C. How many wood pellet manufacturing units do you need?
  • D. Do you prefer small wood pellet mill or commercial wood pellet mill ?
  • E. What’s the budget? And what is your ideal price of wood pellet machine?
  • F. How many workers will be arranged?
  • G. Do you want to purchase some spare parts for substitution?
  • H. How many days is the proper supply period for you ?

Thirdly, keep your wood pellet making machine plans in mind and visit some wood pellet machine suppliers you are interested in. Our company owns advanced technology and produce high- quality pellet making machines, which are popular both at home and abroad. We are really looking forward to your visit.

Beston Wood Pellet Factory Service

  • Pre-sale consultation: provide customers with telephone consultation, including equipment parameters, price introduction, industry market, investment income, product knowledge, etc.;
  • Inspection and reception: customers can directly visit our wood pellet machine factory to inspect the equipment production and company scale. We also provide customers with free trial production and combustion products.
  • In-sale guidance: free of charge to provide users with plant design, process flow placement, renderings, etc.
  • After-sales service: After purchasing the equipment, we will arrange professional technicians to guide the installation to ensure that the users will can operate the machine all by themselves. We also have regular uses follow-up visiting.

wood pellet machine for sale

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