Meet Beston Group at Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition 2024

Meet Beston Group at Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition 2024

Exciting news! Beston Group will attend the 2024 Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition, showcasing innovative pyrolysis and carbonization solutions. This event aims to explore the future direction of energy and discover new products, services, solutions, and technologies in the energy sector. We look forward to contributing to this endeavor.

Exhibition Information List

  • Discuss the future of energy
  • June 3 – 5 2024
  • Tokyo Big Sight, Japan (3 Chome-11-1 Ariake, Koto City)
Beston’s Participants:
  • Ally Wang; Jenny Jiang; Jessie Li; Xiaofan Chen
⭐Our Booth Number:
  • Booth No: D58
Beston Group Waits for You at Japan Energy Summit Exhibition 2024

Beston Energy Solutions at Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition 2024

Beston Group is one of the practitioners in the environmental protection industry. The theme of this exhibition revolves around energy, oil and gas, and low carbon, which aligns perfectly with our technology philosophy. Therefore, we dispatch representatives to participate in the exhibition. We hope to bring more energy-saving and emission-reducing solutions to customers and contribute to global energy development. During the exhibition, our team will showcase small-scale equipment models, focusing on introducing plastic/tire/oil sludge pyrolysis and biomass carbonization solutions.

Waste Plastic or Tyre to Oil Solution in Japan Exhibition

Waste Plastic/Tyre/Oil Sludge Pyrolized into Fuel Oil

  • Technology: high temperature (280-350℃) and low oxygen pyrolysis;  innovative plastic catalytic pyrolysis technology addresses wax clogging;
  • Involved machine: oil sludge/tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant;
  • Recyclable waste: waste plastic, tires, and oil sludge;
  • Product: high-quality fuel oil;
  • Applicable scope: waste management, renewable energy production, resource recovery, etc.

Waste Biomass to Charcoal Solution in Japan Energy Exhibition

Waste Biomass Carbonized into Charcoal

  • Technology: high temperature (380-450℃) and low oxygen pyrolysis;
  • Involved machine: charcoal making machine;
  • Recyclable waste: waste biomass, including wood, sawdust, bamboo, coconut shell, straw, rice husk, bagasse, etc.
  • Product: high-quality charcoal;
  • Applicable scope: industrial fuel; soil improvement; carbon sequestration; biochar animal feed, etc.

Waiting for You at Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition 2024

Beston Group looks forward to engaging with industry professionals, showcasing our cutting-edge technologies, and exploring opportunities for collaboration at the Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition 2024. Don’t miss this chance to connect with us and discuss the future of energy!

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