Installation Progress of BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine in Thailand in 2023

Good news! The installation of BST-50 Beston charcoal making machine was smooth in Thailand. This equipment arrived at the customer site in the first half of this year. This customer installed this machine under the guidance of Beston Group. So far, the entire installation process has gone smoothly. Please see some photos of installation diagrams on site.

Review The Basic Information of BST-50 Charcoal Making Machine in Thailand

  • Model&Capacity: BST-50 charcoal making machine processes 10-15m³ of biomass waste per hour;
  • Raw materials: wood chips, rice husk, bagasse sugarcane, and bamboo;
  • Final products: biomass charcoal;
  • Applications of charcoal: BBQ charcoal&alternative fuel;
  • Configuration: BST-50 standard line & dryer & Third water-cooling discharger.

Smooth Installation Process of BST-50 in Thailand

After Beston equipment arrived at this customer’s site in April, this customer began preparations for installation. The installation mode is online installation & on-site guided installation. At present, the whole equipment has been installed very smoothly under the guidance. This customer and Beston Group engineers communicate actively to solve problems. The whole discussion process was a pleasure. If you are interested in this equipment, please leave Beston Group a message.

Cooperate with Beston Group to Do Biomass to Energy Business!

Beston Group and investors can find the immense potential of biomass and transform it into clean, renewable energy. With Beston advanced biomass pyrolysis systems, investors can efficiently process biomass waste to produce high-quality biochar. Moreover, the applications of biochar are widespread. Biochar has great economic value in the market. So, investors will get a lot of economic and environmental benefits from this equipment. Cooperate with Beston Group today and get a sustainable and profitable investment toward a cleaner energy future!

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