Install Wood Chips Charcoal Making Machine in Finland in 2023

Here is excellent news! The installation of a set of BST-10 Beston wood chips charcoal making machine went smooth in Finland in 2023. This customer ordered this machine in 2022. It will be used for processing wood chips and get charcoal for BBQ heating. If you are interested in this case, continuous reading this post.

Install BST-10 Beston Wood Chips Charcoal Making Machine in Finland in 2023
Install BST-10 Beston Wood Chips Charcoal Making Machine in Finland in 2023

Basic Information of Wood Chips Charcoal Machine Installed in Finland in 2023

Let’s review the basic information about this case installed in Finland in 2023.

Country Model Capacity Raw Materials Final Product
Brazil BST-10 Wood Chips Charcoal Machine 2-4m³/h Wood Chips Barbecue

Install BST-10 Beston Wood Charcoal Making Machine in Finland in 2023

Smooth Installation Process of Wood Chips Charcoal Equipment in Finaland

After receiving this machine, this customer started to prepare the installation work. Beston engineers assisted the customer throughout the installation process. This help ensures that this machine was installed properly and in time. This customer was satisfied with the level of support he received from Beston. And he was able to start producing high-quality charcoal immediately.

Install BST-10 Beston Wood Chips Charcoal Machine in Finland in 2023

Wate Management Situation in Finaland – A New Business Opportunity

Finland is known for its extensive foresty. This country covers approximately 75% of the country’s land area. This makes Finland one of the most forested countries in the world. The forests in Finland are composed of a wide variety of tree species, including spruce, pine, and birch.

The abundance of forest resources in Finland has made the production of wood chips a popular industry in the country. Wood chips are produced by processing wood logs into small, uniform pieces. These wood chips are then used as raw materials in a variety of industries.

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in using wood chips as a raw material for the production of charcoal. The production of charcoal from wood chips offers several advantages. They includes the ability to use locally available resources, reduced transportation costs, and increased sustainability. The use of wood chips for charcoal production has also created new opportunities for small-scale producers in Finland. These producers can use locally sourced wood chips to produce high-quality charcoal that can be sold to consumers for use in BBQ heating and other applications. If you are interested in Beston machines, contact Beston Group now!

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