Install Mobile Biochar Machine in South Africa to Process Sawdust in 2023

Recently, a set of Beston BST-05Pro mobile biochar machine is undergoing a trial run in South Africa. During the test run, the machine successfully produces biochar. To the customer’s satisfaction, the quality of the end product meets his requirements. Consequently, the machine will proceed with full-scale production as planned.  Here are some on-site pictures for your reference.

Successfully Commissioned BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine in South Africa

Basic Information of Portable Biochar Maker in South Africa

Model/Capacity Raw Material End Product End Product Use Shipping Date Test Run Date Installation Method
BST-05Pro/0.3-0.5m³/h Sawdust High-Quality Biochar
  • BBQ Charcoal
  • Agricultural Use
April 2023 September 2023 On-Site Installation Guidance
Ship BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine to South Africa
Ship BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Unit to South Africa
Delivery BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine to South Africa

As you can see, we provid a small-scale wood chip processing solution for this South African customer. However, if you require machines with a larger processing capacity, Beston Group can equally provide them. In addition to sawdust, we can offer various biomass processing solutions. Please feel free to leave your contact information.

Wide Application of Biochar in South Africa

Biochar gains prominence in South Africa for its wide range of applications. This South African customer finds the development potential of biochar. Therefore, this customer invests in Beston biochar production equipment.

Soil Improvement

When biochar is mixed with soil, biochar enhances its structure, water-holding capacity, and nutrient retention. This can increase crop yields. Additionally, it improves soil health. That’s exactly what this South African customer needed.

BBQ charcoal

Biochar is a premium BBQ charcoal option. This is because it has the characteristics of high calorific value, long burning time, and no peculiar smell. Therefore, this South African customer chose to use machines to produce barbecue charcoal.

In addition, biochar has many uses, such as activated carbon processing, hookah charcoal processing, feed additives, carbon credits, etc. Welcome to consult Beston Group for more industry-related information.

BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine Put into Trial Operation in South Africa
Operate BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine in South Africa

Beston Group Offers Diverse Biochar Production Solutions

If you want to invest in a mobile biochar machine, choose Beston Group. We provide solutions to customers in a variety of industries, including food processing, wood processing, agricultural waste recycling, etc. Let us know the type and amount of biomass you need to process. We have the professional project consultants to discuss process solutions with you.

    Please specify your requirement by referring to the following aspects:

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