Install BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant in Iran in 2023

Good news, Beston’s agricultural planting waste recycling project is making steady progress in Iran. A set of BST-50 biomass pyrolysis plant is in the installation stage. Our installation engineers are on-site to guide the Iranian customer. Once the equipment installation is complete, we will conduct a trial run. Read on to get more information on this project.

Install BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant in Iran in 2023

Details of Agriculture Planting Waste Recycling Project in Iran

This Iranian customer recycles mixed biomass from greenhouses. These organic residues mainly include the branches, leaves, roots, and unharvested parts left after the growth of plants. After fully understanding Beston’s biomass-to-charcoal solution, this customer reached cooperation with us on this project. Below are some details.

  • Source of waste: greenhouse planting waste;
  • Type of waste: mixed biomass;
  • Solution: biomass to charcoal;
  • Charcoal use: barbecue charcoal for sale;
  • Machine model: BST-50 barbecue charcoal making machine;
  • Capacity: 10-15m³/h;
  • Optional parts: dryer;
  • Installation method: On-site guided installation.
Reactor of BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant
Dryer of BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant

Discover Potential for Waste Biomass in Greenhouse Planting

In addition to barbecue charcoal preparation, Beston Group also provides waste biomass to biochar solutions. The biochar produced by biochar production equipment has the functions of soil remediation and carbon sequestration. This closed-loop solution provides a new direction for sustainable agricultural development.

Soil Remediation

As an additive for soil remediation, biochar has excellent adsorption and water retention capabilities. Its porous structure provides an ideal habitat for beneficial microorganisms. Additionally, it improves soil structure, thereby enhancing soil aeration and water retention. In greenhouse planting, biochar can alleviate problems such as poor soil and acidity&alkalinity, and provide an ideal growth environment for plants.

Carbon Sequestration

By mixing biochar into the soil, it fixes carbon and stores it permanently in the soil. Generally, this helps slow down greenhouse gas emissions. What’s more, it mitigates the effects of climate change to a certain extent. Plants in the greenhouse absorb carbon dioxide through growth, while biochar retains carbon elements in the soil, forming an environmentally friendly cycle in the ecological chain.

Biochar as a soil additive to improve soil quality

Explore Value of Biomass Recycling with Beston

At Beston, you can get a variety of biomass recycling options. In addition to agricultural cultivation, our biomass pyrolysis plant can process organic waste from wood processing, food processing, palm processing, and other industries. If you are also a recycler committed to value re-creation, don’t hesitate to join us. Contact us for solutions.

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