Install BST-50 Biochar Production Equipment in Croatia in 2023

Good news, a set of BST-50 biochar production equipment is successfully installed in Croatia! The equipment is shipped by the end of February 2023 and arrive in Croatia by the end of April 2023. The Croatian customer obtains biochar for fuel by processing straw with this equipment. Here are the details about the equipment in Croatia, please read on.

Install BST-50 Biochar Production Equipment in Croatia in 2023
Install BST-50 Biochar Production Equipment in Croatia in 2023

Solution for Straw Treatment in Croatia: BST-50 Biochar Equipment

According to the actual situation of the Croatian customer, we recommended the BST-50 biochar machine for him. Here are the advantages of this model.

Large Capacity

The input capacity of this machine is 10-15m³/h. Its high capacity can handle large amounts of waste biomass, thereby increasing biochar production for the Croatian customer.

High Degree in Automation

The machine adopts advanced automation technology, which minimizes the need for manual labor thereby reducing labor costs for this customer. The machine is equipped with PLC to realize the automatic operation, monitoring, and control of the biochar production process.

High Return on Investment

By maximizing production capacity and minimizing labor costs, this customer can optimize production efficiency and generate more biochar for sale. Not only that, as the demand for biochar in various industries increases, the Croatian customer can earn considerable income by selling biochar products.

BST-50 Biochar Machine in Croatia
BST-50 Straw Charcoal Machine in Croatia
Installation of BST-50 Biochar Production Equipment in Croatia

Clean Alternative to Traditional Fuel in Croatia: Biochar Fuel

The Croatian customer uses biochar produced by the biomass pyrolysis plant as fuel. Biochar fuel is widely used in Croatia, below are some of the main uses.

Biochar for Heating

Biochar serves as a heating fuel, particularly in rural areas. It can be used as a green fuel for heating boilers and stoves. Burning biochar produces substantial heat, which can be effectively used for heating. At the same time, this reduces the need for traditional resources such as coal and wood.

Industrial Fuel Substitution

Biochar can also be used as an industrial fuel substitute. Many industrial production processes require high-temperature combustion. It is worth mentioning that biochar can be supplied to these processes as a renewable fuel. Biochar can be used as fuel in cement, brick, ceramics, and other industries. In this way, not only the use of traditional fossil fuels is reduced, but also carbon emissions.

Cooking and Grilling

Biochar can be used as fuel for outdoor grilling and cooking. Biochar can generate high heat. Moreover, it also has the ability to burn for a long time. These properties make it an ideal fuel choice for grilling and cooking.

BST-50 Biochar Production Equipment in Croatia

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