Beston Professionl Team

Headline News: Beston Machinery Will Visit Indonesian Customers in September

Indonesian Customers: Local Technical Support and After-sales Service Are Coming for You!

From September 13 to September 20, 2018, we Beston professional team will be in Jakarta, Indonesia. During the visiting time, we mainly would like to visit customers, provide period local technical support and after-sales service to achieve win-win.

We Beston Machinery is mainly manufacturing plastic/ tire pyrolysis plant, waste sorting machine and charcoal making machine. We are looking forward to solve solid waste in all corners of the world in the near future and build a cleaner, brighter, better future for later generations.

Beston Professionl Team

Indonesia is one of our main export countries. We have installed the pyrolysis plant in Indonesia. From the feedback, we know that all parts of our plant are still in good condition, such as reactor, furnance, manifold, oil condensers, oil tank, hydro-seal, discharge, de-duster, cooking tower, etc. The customer would like to purchase the equipment again.

For Indonesian friends, if you want to dispose of waste plastic/ tire into fuel oil, make biomass charcoal or classify the waste, you can contact us. September 13 to September 20 is a good chance for you. We will be in your city and provide technical support and project analysis for you.

Visitors of Beston Machinery to Indonesia:
Sales Manager: Zoe Zhang, Sherly Dong, Cindy Chu, Ivan Dong
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