Delivery of BTF6-8 Beston Egg Tray Machine to Morocco in 2023

A set of BTF6-8 Beston egg tray making machine was delivered to Morocco in September 2023. This customer will use this set of equipment to recycle waste paper. Moreover, customers make profits by turning waste paper into egg trays. This equipment can produce 6000-7000 egg trays per hour. This output meets customer demand.

Delivery of BTF6-8 Beston Egg Tray Making Machine to Morocco in 2023

Delivery of BTF6-8 Beston Egg Tray Making Machine to Morocco in 2023

This is the second set of egg tray machines sent to Morocco. During the shipment process, Beston Group will be responsible for sending shipping updates to customers. In this way, this customer can know the location and condition of the equipment in real time. Once the equipment arrives at this customer’s site, Beston Group will provide installation instructions.

Besides, this customer ordered metal egg tray dryer to improve the egg tray production efficiency. This metal dryer removes extra moisture of egg trays in 15-20 minutes. Please see shipping pictures.

Delivery of BTF6-8 Beston Egg Tray Making Equipment to Morocco in 2023

Delivery of BTF6-8 Egg Tray Making Machine to Morocco in 2023

Recycle Waste Paper to Make paper pulp Trays in Morocco

Waste paper is a recyclable material. Recycling waste paper can not only help purify the environment and reduce pollution, but also create benefits and reduce energy consumption. Recycling waste paper into paper tray-like products is an efficient process. Beston Group provides the following two types of equipment to help customers recycle waste paper and reduce carbon emissions. Choose the right equipment based on your needs.

  • Egg tray machine: The egg tray machine can make various types of egg trays and egg boxes from waste paper.
  • Industrial packaging machine: The industrial packaging machine can turn waste paper into various types of industrial packaging trays, cosmetic packaging trays, electronic product trays, seedling trays, etc. View the following picture to see this machine.
Beston Industrial Packaging Machine for Sale
Beston Industrial Packaging Machine for Sale

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In addition, Beston Group provides BTF8-8 model. It has the largest capacity of 8000-9000 pieces/h among these models. When customers have large production requirement, this model is a good option. If customers have no idea for the model, customers could send the details to Beston Group to get the detailed solution.

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