Customers from Burundi Came to Visit Beston Group in 2023

Recently, we received the first group of customers from Burundi. We are excited to see the customers because we haven’t received any foreign customers for a long time since the epidemic. We have made full preparations for this reception, made every effort to solve customers’ doubts and problems, and look forward to further cooperation with customers in Burundi.

Customers from Burundi Came to Visit Beston Group in 2023
Customers from Burundi Came to Visit Beston Group in 2023

Customers’ Visiting from Burundi

On February 13, 2023, the customers from Burundi came to China for visiting Beston Group. The customer came with a sample of peat that they wanted to carbonize and checked our sewage sludge treatment plant. During the visit, we conducted tests on the customer’s samples to better understand the characteristics of the peat.

Optimizing the Project Scheme

The information we gathered from the tests will be used to optimize the overall project scheme, ensuring to meet the customer’s needs and improve the carbonization efficiency. Peat is a unique resource in Burundi, and the customers hoped to achieve smokeless combustion through carbonization process. Through the environmental-friendly charcoal manufacturing process, the peat will be converted into useful resource, sludge carbon, which can be widely applied in many areas. We were thrilled to showcase our equipment and expertise in this area, and we are pleased that the customer expressed great satisfaction with our facilities and services.

Building a Strong Partnership

At our factory, we led the customers to visit the actual biochar making machine and learn about the manufacturing process. We have also solved the customers’ doubts and questions about the project. They were impressed by the quality of our equipment and our commitment to sustainability, which is an essential part of our business philosophy. This visiting is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the customers and build a lasting partnership. We are excited to work with them in the future and help them achieve their goals for the peat resource in Burundi.

Customers from Burundi Came to Visit Beston Group

In conclusion, we are proud to have hosted the customers from Burundi and showcase our carbonization equipment and expertise. We believe that our partnership with the customer will pave the way for sustainable carbonization and contribute to the development of Burundi’s peat resource. We remain committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers, and we look forward to working together to achieve sustainable development.

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