Carbonization Technology Breakthrough: Beston Charcoal Machine Non-stop Operates for 120 Hours

Beston Group has achieved a significant breakthrough in carbonization technology. Our carbonization machine has successfully operated continuously for 120 hours. Let’s see how this technology changes biomass utilization and biochar production.

Experiment Overview

  • Experiment Duration: May 28th, 2 PM to June 2nd, 7 PM (120 hours);
  • Experiment Location: Beston Group’s factory in Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, China;
  • experimental apparatus: Beston charcoal machine;
  • Materials Used: Peanut shells, eucalyptus wood blocks, applewood blocks, wheat straw;
  • Fuel Used: Diesel and combustible gas from carbonization process.

Experimental Results: Peanut Shell Carbonization Report Analysis

The test report of peanut shell carbonization shows that Beston carbonization machine is a promising technology for biomass recovery and utilization. The charcoal produced is of high quality and can be used as fuel, soil improvement, etc. See below for detailed test data.

Main furnace temperature℃ 563.8℃
Auxiliary furnace temperature℃ 561.8℃
Gas temperature℃ 172.1℃
Cyclone dust removal temperature℃ 506.5℃
Main furnace frequency(HZ) 35HZ
Frequency of combustible gas fan(HZ) 16HZ
Main furnace fan frequency(HZ) 35HZ
Auxiliary furnace fan frequency(HZ) 30HZ
**℃ Out of water and oil, the highest temperature **℃ The above data is for reference only.

Analysis: During the peanut shell carbonization process, all operating parameters of Beston carbonization machine are within the normal range. And the equipment can successfully run continuously for 120 hours, demonstrating its good stability and reliability.

NO 0611-01
Kind Peanut Shell Charcoal
Total Moisture Mt% 9.14%
Analytical Water Mad% 0.9%
Dry Basis Ash Ad% 10.5%
Volatile Matter on Dry Basis Vd% 11.8%
Fixed Carbon Fcad% 76.8%
Sulfur Content on Dry Basis St.d% 0.08
Coking Characteristics 1-8CRC
New national standard calorimeter dry basis high calorific value kcal/kg 6570 kcal/kg
The new national standard calorimeter method receives the base low calorific value kcal/kg 5920 kcal/kg
**℃ Out of water and oil, the highest temperature **℃ The above data is for reference only.

Analysis: The carbonization effect of peanut shells is satisfactory. The peanut shell charcoal have a low ash content (10.5%), low volatile matter content (11.8%), high fixed carbon content (76.8%), and high calorific value (5920-6570 kcal/kg). This indicates that the equipment can fully carbonize biomass to produce high-quality charcoal.

Significance of The Experiment

Enhance Productivity

Beston Group’s carbonization equipment can achieve 120 hours of continuous operation, significantly boosting production efficiency. This reduces downtime and labor costs, ultimately enhancing the company’s profit margins.

Improve Product Quality

The extended and stable operation of charcoal machine ensures a uniform and consistent carbonization process. This helps improve finished charcoal quality and consistency, aligning with market demands.

Strengthen Market Confidence

This technological breakthrough instills confidence in the market regarding charcoal production and application. It potentially attracts more investors and customers, and expands relevant market share.

Promote ESG Development

This technological development supports environmental, social, and governance (ESG) development by providing a sustainable solution for biomass utilization and contributing to environmental protection and resource conservation.

Carbonization Technology Breakthrough Promote Biochar Industry

All for Better Life

The breakthrough in continuous operation of carbonization machine once again proves Beston’s commitment to innovation. We are always dedicated to providing better waste solutions for all customers. We look forward to this technology advancing the biochar industry for a more sustainable world.

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