Biochar Making Machine in USA Enters Installation Stage in 2024

Here comes an update of machine installation news. The installation of a Beston BST-30 biochar making machine in USA is going smoothly. Since the machine is sent from the Beston factory, we have been updating the American customer on the transportation progress. After the machine arrives at the customer’s production site, Beston Group arranges professional engineer to go to the site for installation guidance.

Install BST-30 Biochar Making Machine in USA

Configuration Scheme of Biochar Making Machine in USA

According to the actual production situation of American customers, this biochar machine is equipped with a dryer and a condenser on the basis of the standard configuration. These optional components play an important role in biochar production:

Dryer of BST-30 Biochar Machine for Sale in USA


According to the material test results in the early stage, the moisture content of the customer’s wood does not meet the requirements of direct feeding. The use of a dryer can reduce the moisture content of the wood to 15%, maximizing the thermal efficiency.

Condenser of BST-30 Biochar Machine for Sale in USA


The pyrolysis process of wood produces condensable gaseous organic volatiles. These gases condense to produce wood vinegar and tar, and American customers hope to collect these resources. Therefore, we add a condenser to the original configuration plan.

On-site Installation Guidance for Biochar Machine in USA

Beston engineer’s on-site installation guidance can ensure installation efficiency. Therefore, the biochar equipment in USA can be put into production as soon as possible. This installation method has the following advantages:

  • On-site guidance ensures accurate installation of the machine according to the specifications. Our engineer arranges the personnel deployment in an orderly manner. Therefore, each step of the machine installation goes smoothly.
  • On-site installation guidance also includes operator training. Through detailed training, operators can master the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting skills of the equipment. Thus, it can guarantee stable running of the machine.

Installation of Biochar Making Machine in USA

Cooperate with Beston Group for Biochar Production Project

After the installation of this BST-30 biochar production machine is completed, our engineers will conduct commissioning and trial operation. We will update you with relevant information at that time. If you also want to start a biochar production project, choose Beston Group to be your partner. We provide you with professional equipment and services. Leave your contact information now!

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