Beston Will participate in EUBCE 2023

Beston is Waiting for You in EUBCE 2023

Here comes the good news, Beston Group is going to participate in EUBCE 2023, the largest biomass conference and exhibition in the world. The conference and exhibition will be held in Bologna, Italy from June 5th to June 9th. EUBCE brings together outstanding enterprises and advanced technologies in the field of biomass, with the aim of accelerating research and market uptake across the globe. In EUBCE, Beston Group will communicate with participants from all over the world on biomass carbonization.

Information on EUBCE 2023

  • Name of EUBCE 2023: 31st European Biomass Conference & Exhibition;
  • Date of EUBCE 2023: 5-9 June;
  • Date of Customer Exchange: 10-20June;
  • Conference & Exhibition Venue: Bologna, Italy.

Bestons Participants in EUBCE 2023

  • General manager: Henry He;
  • General manager of international business: Zoe Zhang;
  • Project consultant: Frank Wang, Garrett Guo, Alicia Wen, Mia Ren.

Bestons Solutions for Biomass Recycling

Rising fossil fuel prices and high carbon dioxide emissions are the tough issues we’re facing. Therefore, how to recycle and utilize waste biomass has become the focus of the environmental protection industry around the world. In EUBCE 2023, Beston will demonstrate excellent solutions for biomass recycling to exhibitors from all over the world.

  • Innovative technology: Converting biomass into biochar has become a mainstream development trend in the renewable energy industry. In recent years, Beston has been developing and improving in the biomass carbonization industry. For a long time, we have been committed to technological innovation in all aspects of the product, including the degree of automation, environmental protection, energy saving, etc.
  • Comprehensive product system: In EUBCE, Beston will exhibit the biomass carbonization plant, which is divided into various models to suit different situations. For raw materials, Beston’s plant can process a wide variety of waste biomass, such as rice husk, coconut shells, palm kernel shells, bamboo, sawdust, etc. For capacity, whether it is carbonizing large-scale biomass or treating small quantities of waste raw materials, Beston has machines with different capacities to choose from.

Biomass Carbonization Plant Exhibit in EUBCE 2023

Beston is still working hard to develop better technologies and products in the field of making biochar. In the future, We believe that Beston’s products can be applied in the biomass recycling industry globally.

Meet Us at EUBCE 2023

Beston Group looks forward to meeting you in EUBCE 2023! If you have any questions about biomass recycling, you are welcome to consult us at the exhibition site. After EUBCE, Beston Group will visit potential customers from Europe, such as France, Finland, Netherlands, etc. Our customer exchange date is from June 10th to June 20th, welcome to make appointments with us!

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