Beston Group Supports Indonesian Customers to Launch Carbon Removal Project

Recently, Beston Group has shipped a set of BST-05Pro biochar production equipment to Indonesia. The equipment is used to support Indonesian customer’s carbon removal project. This marks a new phase in cooperation between Beston Group and Indonesian customer in carbon emission reduction. We have already set a schedule for the installation of the machine with the customer. At that time, our engineer will go to the project site in Indonesia to guide the installation of this biochar equipment.

Ship Mobile Biochar Production Equipment to Indonesia in 2024

Basic Information on Carbon Removal Project in Indonesia

This Indonesian customer hopes to carry out a carbon removal project locally. Among many carbon removal projects, the customer believes that biochar production is quite promising. Therefore, this Indonesian customer finds Beston Group, the professional biochar production solution provider worldwide. Our various teams work together to analyze the feasibility and implementation plan of the project. In the end, the Indonesian customer was very satisfied with the solution. Here is the basic information of the project:

  • Carbon Removal Solution: carbon sequestration through biochar production from waste biomass;
  • Waste Biomass Type: agricultural waste, rice straw;
  • Biocal Application: soil remediation;
  • Equipment Option: mobile biochar machine with standard configuration;
  • Model: BST-05Pro;
  • Equipment Delivery Time: June 2024;
  • Installation Method: on-site installation guidance by Beston engineers.
Skid-mounted Biochar Equipment Successfully Shipped to Indonesia
Indonesian Customer Uses Carbon Removal Through Mobile Biochar Unit
BST-05Pro Biochar Equipment Shipped to Indonesia in 2024

Development Prospects of Biochar Carbon Removal Projects in Indonesia

Rich Biomass Resources in Indonesia

Rich Biomass Resources

Indonesia’s forestry, agriculture, food processing, and palm planting industries are quite developed. In the production activities of these industries, waste biomass is inevitably generated, most of which come from forests, farmlands, and plantations. Therefore, Indonesia is a country with rich waste biomass resources. These resources can be used to produce a large amount of biochar. Therefore, biochar carbon removal projects have great development potential in Indonesia.

Broad Market Potential for Biochar Production in Indonesia

Broad Market Potential

The biochar carbon removal project is still an emerging industry in Indonesia. Although this field started late, due to the improvement of sustainable awareness among Indonesian companies and the public, the market development prospects of biochar equipment are broad. In addition, the Indonesian government strongly supports energy-saving and emission reduction projects. Moreover, it has introduced a series of policies to encourage the development of the biochar industry.

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