Beston and Corsair Form a Strategic Partnership

Beston and Corsair Form a Strategic Partnership – Contribute to Plastic Recycling

On May 8th 2024, Beston and Corsair form a strategic partnership for developing plastic waste chemical recycling facilities together. The collaboration aims to leverage their combined expertise and technologies to tackle the growing problem of plastic waste. By deploying advanced pyrolysis technology, they aim to contribute to cleaning up the planet and promoting sustainable recycling solutions.

Collaboration Details

The partnership will commence immediately with Beston Group delivering and installing 10 sets of plastic pyrolysis plant at Corsair’s facility in Finland.

Beston Group is one of the leading pyrolysis plant manufacturers in the world. In this collaboration, we can offer:

  • Catalytic Plastic Pyrolysis Patented Technology: Our technology addresses the problem of wax clogging in pipelines, thus reducing maintenance downtime and improving the quality of the oil. This also avoids increased operating pressure, enhancing operational safety.
  • Expertise in Pyrolysis Machine Manufacturing: We follow a strict quality control system and our machines hold ISO9001, ISO14001, and CE certificates. These advanced plants will efficiently turn plastic waste into valuable pyrolysis oil.

Corsair is one of the world’s fastest-growing plastic waste chemical recycling companies. In this collaboration, they can offer:

  • Abundant Experience and Expertise: Corsair is experienced in plastic recycling. They can establish and operate the project field professionally. This enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the project.
  • Broader Product Marketing Channels: Leveraging its extensive market relationship, Corsair will help maximize the reach and impact of recycled products(pyrolysis oil). For example, this oil can be used as fuel or as a raw material for producing new plastics.

Together, Beston Group and Corsair Group will operate this plastic pyrolysis recycling project to contribute to solving the global plastic waste challenge.

Recycle Plastic into Pyrolysis Oil

ESG Commitment in Beston and Corsair Collaboration

This strategic partnership between Beston Group and Corsair is a testament to their dedication to ESG principles:

  • Environmental: The pyrolysis plants will significantly reduce plastic waste, contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet. Converting plastic waste into valuable resources also supports the development of a circular economy.
  • Social: The collaboration will create economic opportunities in the plastic recycling sector. It will promote job creation and community development in regions where the facilities are established. This aligns with social responsibility.
  • Governance: Both Beston Group and Corsair are committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance. This includes transparency in operations, ethical business practices, and compliance with environmental regulations to ensure the long-term sustainability of their projects.

ESG Commitment in Beston and Corsair Collaboration

Join Us in Making a Difference

Beston Group is dedicated to providing sustainable waste management solutions and contributing to global environmental protection. Our strategic partnership with Corsair marks a significant step towards addressing the plastic recycling crisis. If you also want to make a positive impact on the world, welcome join us.


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