How to Segregate Waste?

Where there’s human, there will be waste. Our life is full of consumables and we have to discard them once they are worn out. So it is inevitable that we will have trash, garbage and waste products. However, as more and more wastes are dumped to the landfills, which leads to a very serious situation of the limitation space in landfills, we need to work out proper methods to dispose of and recycle those endless wastes to protect our Mother Earth from being covered by wastes, we need to . Before doing that we need to know how to segregate waste. Only if the waste are segregated into different types, can they receive a proper way of recycling effectively. So what will we do for the segregation of waste materials? Here are some advice for you.

Municipal Solid Waste in Landfill
Municipal Solid Waste in Landfill

Waste Segregation Guidelines

Firstly, if possible, you shall dump your own household wastes into different garbage bins with specific signs. It is accessible in those countries which have strict garbage dumping rules and waste recycling system, like Japan or German. The wastes can be segregated from a very early stage by the materials, natures and values of recycling, etc.

Well, in fact, most of countries don’t have such effective and strict regulations at all. The wastes, no matter where they come from, are mostly dumped into the landfills together. So, how to segregate waste under such a circumstance has become a critical issue to talk.

Beston sincerely suggest a high efficiency waste segregation machine, especially when you have tons of solid wastes in the landfills to dispose of. Because it will be a very perfect machine for you and will also bring you considerable profits. This machine can segregate municipal solid waste into different types, such as plastic, metals, glass, combustible materials, organic wastes and so on.

Waste Separation Machine for Sale

Waste Separation Process – How to Segregate Waste

  1. At first, you will need a large area for installation of the municipal solid waste segregation machine. The minimum area of this machine is about 5400 ㎡. When you get all the facilities in the workshop, garbage truck and manpower ready, you can start to segregate your waste.
  2. All the wastes are transported into the workshop and unloaded onto the plate feeder. The feeder feeds them onto the uniform materials spreader which can spread the wastes uniformly on the belt conveyor.
  3. Belt conveyor transits the wastes to manual sorting platform. Workers will pick out large pieces of trashes, such as quilt, big wood branches and hazard waste out.
  4. And then the rest wastes will go to rotatory screening machine. Plastic bags will be broken by a bag breaker before they going to the screening machine. The rotatory screening machine screens the wastes through bores with a diameter of 50 mm. therefore it can screen oversized materials and undersized waste.
  5. Undersized organic wastes (diameter<50 mm) are mostly organics. They will firstly be sent to a magnetic separator to get mettle out and then be collected and packed. Those organic waste are usually used as fertilizer in agriculture. 5.Oversized materials (diameter>50mm) will also go to magnetic separation machine. Metal materials, like iron cans or tins will be separated out. The rest oversized materials will be sent to comprehensive winnowing machine. The machine can pick light plastic wastes, heavy materials and other wastes out clearly.
  6. Light plastic waste will be sent to manual sorting platform again because there will still be impurities in. Finally the plastic waste will be packed by a packing machine. Heavy materials like hard plastic waste, fabrics, rubber products and large organic wastes will also be packed and then wait to further processing.

How to Segregate Waste

Importance of Waste Segregation

Since you have known how to segregate waste, you must also know the significance and meanings of segregation of trash for recycling as well. As to the environment, waste segregation can reduce solid waste pollution; as to the development of human and our planet, waste segregation helps a lot in waste recycling procedures.

Segregation of Garbage and Its Advantages

  • If you want to start a waste recycling business, waste sorting plant will be a good choice for you. Before recycling wastes, segregating them will make the recycling process much easier and smoother, so as to reduce the cost of recycling.
  • If you have plenty of solid waste or dry waste to be dispose of , knowing how to segregate waste will be very useful for you. You can get different kinds of wastes after segregation and they have different values respectively. Therefore, you definitely will earn more money if you sell them out to different buyers than just selling all of the waste together to a recycling center directly.
waste segregation system designed by Beston
Waste Segregation System Designed by Beston

Why you will earn more? The solid wastes segregated out by waste sorting machine can all recycled into useful things, for examples, we can get diesel or gasoline from waste plastic by plastic to diesel machine or get recyclable plastic pellets by a waste plastic pelletizing machine. Those brick bats and stones can be used in construction field as materials for producing new bricks. Organic wastes can be used as fertilizer or the raw materials for biomass charcoal making equipment to make charcoals. Combustible materials are actually the raw materials for producing Rubbish Derivation Fuels. There are also kitchen refuse which can be produced into fertilizer or get bio diesel and metals which can be used as raw materials in steel factories.

If you want to know more details about how to segregate waste, you can visit to the homepage of Beston. We supply various waste sorting and segregation machines and facilities and you will find what you need.

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