Agricultural Waste Recycling Project Proceeds Smoothly in India in 2023

Here comes a good news! Beston BST-50 biomass pyrolysis plant enters the installation stage in India. The machine is used to process agricultural waste. This Indian customer has already reached cooperation with us on a test project. in 2022. Due to the great test results, the customer decides to officially expand the project in 2023. So far, the installation is going smoothly. Below are some on-site pictures and video for your reference.

Biomass Pyrolysis Plant Installed in India to Process Agricultural Waste in 2023

Basic Information on the Agricultural Waste Recycling Project in India

The Indian customer wants to obtain biomass charcoal and gas through pyrolysis of agricultural waste. Our technical team continues to discuss and adjust the configuration plan with this customer. The final solution satisfied the Indian customer. Here are some details about the project:

  • Process solution: pyrolysis and gasification of biomass;
  • Project configuration: BST-50 biomass pyrolysis plant (with dryer and biomass gas collection equipment);
  • Raw materials to process: agricultural waste includes peanut shells and cotton stalks;
  • End Product: charcoal and biomass gas;
  • Use of End Product: direct sale;
Dust Removal System for Biomass Pyrolysis Plant
Dust Removal System for Biomass Pyrolysis Plant

Waste Biomass Recycling in India

In biomass pyrolysis, biomass char, and biomass gas are produced. In addition, by-products such as tar and wood vinegar are produced during biomass pyrolysis. These resources can be useful in various industries in India. Based on the following two reasons, biomass pyrolysis recycling has broad market prospects in India.

Sufficient raw materials

India is a large agricultural country with abundant crop wastes such as rice husks, corn stalks, and jute stalks. Additionally, India has vast tracts of forests and woodlands. Wood processing generates large amounts of wood waste. The abundant supply of these raw materials provides a continuous and stable source of raw materials for biomass pyrolysis recycling.

Policy Support

Because of the environmental problems caused by traditional energy, the Indian government is paying more and more attention to reducing carbon emissions and promoting clean energy. Biomass pyrolysis recycling can effectively reduce the impact of biomass waste on the environment. Therefore, Through various incentives, the government attracts investment in biomass pyrolysis recycling projects.

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