Agricultural Biomass Recycling Project in Colombia in 2024

Recently, a BST-50 biomass pyrolysis plant (processing rice husk) is in the installation stage in Colombia. This marks that Beston Group’s agricultural biomass recycling project is progressing smoothly in Colombia. At present, the main unit is roughly assembled. We will continue to update the installation process of your machine later. Below are on-site photos sent by our installation engineer for your reference.

Install BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant in Colombia in 2024

Customized Rice Husk Recycling Solution in Colombia

According to what we learned from communicating with this Colombian customer, this customer needs a solution for recycling biomass on a large scale. This customer needed to dispose of rice husks generated from farm production and rice processing. Based on the customer’s needs, we recommended the BST-50 rice husk charcoal machine. In addition, out of consideration for the local rainy season, we customize a dual-channel drying system for customers. This ensures machine operation efficiency while also helping customers dry other materials quickly. Below is basic information about the project.

  • Customer industry: agricultural planting
  • Biomass type: rice husk (moisture content 13%)
  • Recycling method: making charcoal
  • Charcoal uses: barbecue fuel/soil improvement
  • Equipment model: BST-50
  • Processing capacity: 10-15m³/h
  • Configuration plan: dryer + biomass pyrolysis plant
  • Installation method: On-site guidance by installation engineer
Installation Site of BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Machine in Colombia
Beston Engineers Guide Installation of BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Reactor

Potential of Agricultural Waste Biomass Pyrolysis Project in Colombia

Adequate biomass resources

As an important exporter of agricultural products in South America, in addition to rice, coffee, sugar cane, corn, etc. are also Colombia’s main cash crops. During the production of these crops, a large amount of waste biomass such as coffee husks, sugarcane bagasse, and corn stalks will be produced. These are high-quality raw materials for biomass pyrolysis machine. Converting these agricultural waste biomass into charcoal/biochar can bring good economic returns.

Promote Sustainable Development of Agriculture

In Colombia, traditional agricultural waste disposal methods are generally direct incineration or landfill for composting. This not only fails to fully exploit the resource potential of biomass but even produces greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast, biomass pyrolysis technology can convert this biomass into charcoal/biochar and combustible gas. These resources can provide energy for agricultural production. In addition, biochar used as a soil additive in agricultural planting can also improve the planting environment. These all contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture in Colombia.

Potential of Agricultural Waste Biomass Pyrolysis Project in Colombia

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