6000-7000 Pieces/H Egg Tray Machine Running in Morocco in 2024

A BTF6-8 egg tray machine has been successfully installed and put into production in Morocco. After testing, the equipment’s production process is running smoothly. Initially, waste paper is processed into uniform pulp. Then, the pulp is formed into moistened egg trays. Finally, these moistened egg trays are dried and stacked using a metal drying machine and stacker. Feel free to watch our operation video for more details.

6000-7000 Pieces/H Egg Tray Machine Running in Morocco in 2024

This customer sought highly automated equipment for egg tray production. Following our discussions, they opted for BTF6-8 egg tray making machine, a metal drying equipment, and a stacking device.

  • BTF6-8 egg tray machine is capable of producing 6000-7000 egg trays per hour. It is primarily composed of a pulping system and a molding system.
  • The metal drying system can dry egg trays within 25-30 minutes. Moistened egg trays are conveyed into the drying chamber via a conveyor belt and are subsequently transported out once dried. It mainly consists of components such as conveyor belts, drying chambers, burners, fans, safety fence, etc.
  • The stacking device bundles the egg trays into stacks for packaging. It primarily comprises a stacking machine.

Waste Paper to Packaging Represents a Sustainable Approach

Amidst the global climate change challenges, an increasing number of countries advocate for sustainable circular development. Such development fosters a reduction in resource wastage while aiding in carbon footprint reduction. This equipment facilitates the reuse of waste paper derived from biomass. This alleviates not only the scarcity of forest resources but also extending the lifecycle of waste paper. This aligns with the international call for responsible consumption and production practices.

Waste Paper to Packaging Tray Represents Responsible Consumption and Production

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