3 Sets of BLJ-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Plants Shipped to Croatia in 2023

Good news, Beston Group successfully ships 3 sets of plastic pyrolysis plants to Croatia. The model of these machines is BLJ-16, which adopts Beston’s most advanced plastic pyrolysis technology. From initial planning to machine transportation, we maintain close contact with the Croatian customer at every step. This ensures that our service meets the expectations of this Croatian client. Below are pictures from the delivery site for your reference.

Ship BLJ-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant to Croatia in 2023

The Solution to this Croatian Customer’s Requirements

During the communication process with this Croatian customer, we provide the following solutions based on his needs.

  • First, the customer wants to minimize the production of wax oil during the production process. He worries it would reduce productivity for the pyrolysis plant. Therefore, we propose a dual catalytic system configuration for this customer. This not only meets the customer’s requirements, but the sealing technology in this solution also ensures production safety.
  • In addition, the customer hopes to store more pyrolysis oil in a limited production space. According to the customer’s needs, we recommend the customer adopt a three-in-one condensation system. The system integrates the condenser, oil storage tank, and hydroseal. Therefore, it occupies less space and has more oil storage capacity.
Catalytic Tower for BLJ-16 Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant
Three-in-one Condenser for BLJ-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Machine
Three-in-one Condenser for BLJ-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Machine

A Green Way to Deal with Plastic Waste in Croatia: Pyrolysis Plant

Croatia generates large amounts of plastic waste every year. Most of the waste is landfilled and only a small amount is recycled. This has a negative impact on the sustainable development of Croatia. However, challenges and opportunities coexist. This Croatian customer hopes to convert waste plastic into an economically valuable product, pyrolysis oil. This can achieve a win-win situation for both profitability and environmental protection. Faced with this situation, the Croatian customer chooses Beston plastic pyrolysis plant. Our machines produce plastic pyrolysis oil efficiently. At the same time, Beston’s mature technology ensures the stability of production. If you want to earn income by recycling waste resources, please feel free to consult us.

3 Sets of BLJ-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Machines Shipped to Croatia in 2023

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