Wood Carbonization Plant

It is certain that the wood can do a lot for us, and as a useful resource, even the wood waste, such as wood chips, wood shavings can benefit human beings. Our wood carbonization plant, which adopts the carbonization technology can help you make charcoal from wood waste. If you have doubt about how to make charcoal from wood, learn more here.

wood carbonization plant                                                           wood carbonization plant

How to Make Wood Charcoal from Waste Wood?

1. Make sure that the size and the water content of the wood waste can reach the standard. Otherwise, we can provide you with the crusher and dryer. Then processing the wood chips, shavings, waste tree branch in the carbonization host.

2. The raw material being sent to the carbonization host by the belt conveyor in a uniform speed.

3. During the carbonization process, the produced combustible can be recycled, so when the amount of combustible gas is enough and steady, the combustible gas can replace the LPG to heat the reactor, in this way, the energy cost is saved.

4. After the process, you will get the wood charcoal.

5. Wood charcoal comes out from the cooling tank. With the help of waster cooling, the charcoal temperature is 30℃.

6. The wood vinegar and tar are also the end products.

The Usages of End Products of Wood Carbonization

1. The main product is the wood charcoal, which has a higher carbon content than the common charcoal. The wood charcoal can be used to improve the soil quality, and it is also a good material in barbecue.

2. The tar is useful material in medicine, synthetic rubber and metallurgical and other fields.

3. As for the wood vinegar, it is a kind of chemical raw material, so it can be sold directly.It can also be made into pesticide, which can replace the chemical pesticide.

The Technical Advantages of Beston Wood Charcoal Making Machine

1. The best carbonization temperature is about 400-600℃, and our wood charcoal making machine is equipped with the pressure and temperature real-time display system, which can ensure that the plant can work in a normal temperature and pressure.

2. The one fire, two steps method can save the energy cost for the investors, and the heat source of the plant can be designed according to the demand of the customer basing on the local fuel material.

3. The carbonization rate varies because of the quality of the raw material, and basically the carbonization rate is 4:1. If the quality of the raw material is good enough, the carbonization rate can reach 3:1.

4. The sealing system is equipped with the plant to make sure that the whole making charcoal from wood pyrolysis process is completed in a oxygen-free condition.

de dusting system of wood carbonization plant
de dusting system of wood carbonization plant

5. Last, we can also equip the plant with the PLC system according to the special need of the customers.

The Peculiarities of Beston Wood Charcoal Machine for Sale

1. The double-layer design can make the carbonization host contact the hot air as much as possible, so the heat utilization efficiency is higher than other plants.

2. The optimized multi-pipe design of hot exhaust gas recycling pipe, carbonizing and fission heat collecting pipe, flash steaming steam collecting pipe, combustion emission collecting pipe can also raise the heat utilization efficiency.

3. Under the inspection of related institutes, the heat use ratio of our plant is over 85%.

Biomass Carbonization Plant
Model BST-03 BST-05 BST-12 BST-20 BST-30
Raw material Sawdust, coconut shell, wood, rice husk and other biomass material/ waste sludge


Capacity (kg/h) 300 500 1200 2000 3000
Rotary speed of furnace

3-9 turn/ min

Power (Kw/h) 11 15 18.5 30 55
Host size (Width*Height* Length) 1000*1700*800mm 1300*1900*8500mm 1600*2200*8500mm 2200*2800*8500mm 3000*3300*8500mm

How Can You Get Beston Wood Carbonization Plant

You can send us the email to get the inquiry about its working process and price. If you want to have a close look at our plant, and make a deep understanding about our company, you can also come to visit us.

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