waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant

Waste Sludge Oil Pyrolysis Plant (6 MT–50MT)

The complicated components and the high water content of make waste oil sludge hard to dispose. However, our waste sludge oil pyrolysis plant can convert the waste oil sludge into energy through the oil sludge pyrolysis technology. You can get 12.5% fuel oil, 72.5% solid and 15% waste water after the oil sludge treatment process.

waste sludge oil pyrolysis plant
waste sludge oil pyrolysis plant

Crude Oil Sludge Treatment Process

Firstly, the waste oil sludge should be dried, or it will cost a lot of energy to dry the oil sludge in the pyrolysis reactor.

Secondly, the dried waste oil sludge is transported to the pyrolysis reactor, which is heated by the LPG, charcoal and so on. When the temperature rises to a certain value, which is around 200 degrees, the oil gas will be produced. And the top oil yield rate interval is between 280 degrees and 350 degrees.

Then, the manifold can separate the light oil from heavy oil. The light oil will rise into the condenser to be liquefied, and then it will be collected in the oil tank. As for the heavy oil, it will be into residual oil tank, and this kind of heavy oil will return back to the reactor by oil pump and be refined again. The solid waste and water will be recycled.

After the process, you can get fuel oil, solid waste and water. What you can do with those end products?

Applications of End Products of Waste Sludge Oil Pyrolysis Plant

1. Fuel oil. The pyrolysis oil is of high quality, so the pyrolysis oil can be used as fuel directly. Besides, you can also use the waste oil distillation plant to refine the pyrolysis oil into diesel.

2. Solid waste. Most of the end products are solid waste, which can be used to make construction materials.

end products of oil sludge pyrolysis equipment
end products of oil sludge pyrolysis equipment

Beston waste sludge oil pyrolysis plants are popular among the customers because of the mature design, reasonable price and considerate service.

Details about the Features of Beston Oil Sludge Treatment Plant

1. We have reformed the pyrolysis furnace, so the pyrolysis reactor will not be burnt out. It will also lengthen the life span of the main reactor for 2 to 3 years, which saves quite amount of money for customers to maintain and update the waste oil sludge pyrolysis machine, and reduces the rate of depreciation of the machine.

2. The oil yield rate is 5% higher than other waste sludge pyrolysis pyrolysis plants.

3. The latest heating system can not only improve the heating efficiency, but can also prolong the service life of the pyrolysis reactor.

4. The de-dusting system, hydroseal and other parts can ensure that the gas is harmless to the environment, and the end products are also safe to use.

5. As a professional and leading manufacturer in waste pyrolysis plant manufacturing field, we also have mature teams in designing and manufacturing.

6. You can enjoy the first class service, including helping you in installing and running the plant, and the periodical call visit is also included.

Beston waste sludge oil-pyrolysis plant to Nigeria
Beston waste sludge oil-pyrolysis plant to Nigeria

Burning is the common way to dispose the waste oil sludge. However, compared to the waste sludge oil  pyrolysis technology, burning the oil sludge is easy to cause secondary pollution. Thus Beston waste sludge oil  pyrolysis plant is the best choice when handling the oil sludge problems, because it can achieve the cyclic utilization of the energy.

Data BLJ-6 BLJ-10 BLL-16 BLL-30,BLL-40,BLL-50
Daily capacity 6 MT 10 MT 20 MT 30MT,40MT,50MT
Raw material Waste tires,rubber,plastic,oil sludge,medical waste
Working method Batch Semi-Continuous Fully continuous
Operating pressure Constant pressure
Reactor rotate speed 0.4 turn/minute Not rotary type
Total power 24 kw/h 30 kw/h 54 kw/h 53.6,62,84(kw/h)
Reactor size(m) 2.2*5.1 2.8*L6.2 D2.8 *L7.1 L12.5*W2.2*H2.5
Space (L*W*H) 20*10*10 m 25*15*10 m 25*15*10 m 20*15*10m,33*15*10m

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