The Suitable Raw Material of Pyrolysis Plant

The pyrolysis technology has developed for a long time, and this technology is mature enough to help people handle the waste pollution problem, and with the trend of protecting the environment, more and more people start focusing on the waste recycling industry, thus the waste pyrolysis machine is a good choice for you to make an investment in, and the energy you can get after the pyrolysis process is also profitable.

Now this post will list some material that can be the raw material for pyrolysis.

1. The waste plastic. The kinds of waste plastic are various. The source of waste plastics is various. The plastic film (including plastic packaging bags and plastic sheeting), plastic wire and woven fabrics, foam products, plastic packaging boxes and containers, cable coating material and various plastic products for daily-use, such as sports and entertainment, health care, household plastic products, including film, foam, boxes and containers, weaving, plastic sheet etc. Products, which are mainly used in plastic packaging. In addition , some other plastic packaging products, such as plastic pallets, agricultural plastic products (such as agricultural plastic water-saving equipment), decoration materials.

The upgrade period of those packing materials is pretty short, and using the plastic pyrolysis machine to dispose those waste can avoid the pollution.

2. The waste tyres and rubber products. The waste tyres have caused a lot of problems in today’s society, including the fire, the spread of disease and so on , so a waste tyre pyrolysis plant is very necessary.

continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant
continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant

3. The medical waste is also troublesome, and using the medical waste pyrolysis machine can make the medical waste harmless to the environment.

4. Using the oil sludge pyrolysis plant to handle the waste sludge oil is a new but profitable way. The oil sludge will be converted into solid waste, fuel oil and water.

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