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MSW/Urban Garbage Sorting Project (100-400 Mt/D)

We Beston (Henan) Machinery Co., Ltd. can provide you the different models of municipal solid waste sorting machine, which can reduce the volume of municipal solid waste, and turn it to treasure. It can separate organic materials, plastic, metal, brick, stone, etc. from the municipal solid waste with high efficiency.

municipal solid waste sorting machine in Uzbekistan
municipal solid waste sorting machine in Uzbekistan

The capacity of our municipal solid waste sorting plants is different, so do the models. They are BFX-100, BFX-200, BFX-300, BFX-400, so you have a wider choice.

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-300 BFX-400
Capacity 100T 200T 300T 400T
Power 224.7kW 263kW 279kW 294kW
area 5366m2 6112m2 6200m2 6800m2

The MSW sorting plant mainly consists of rotating screening machine, bag-breaking machine, comprehensive winnowing machine, magnetic separator and so on. All the parts working together can increase the separation efficiency. Listed here are the function of the different parts of the municipal solid waste sorting machine.

major parts of msw sorting machine
major parts of msw sorting machine

Function of Major Parts of Municipal Solid Waste Management System

Bag-Breaking Machine: It aims to break the plastic bags, Nylon packing bags in the mixed waste, and it can also process the brittle materials in the municipal solid waste, and if the water content of the waste reaches 60%, the plant is also available.

Rotating Screening Machine: This machine can separate the waste according to their size, and the rotating screening machine is efficient in waste sorting. And the special design of the machine can make sure that when dispose the waste whose water content is high, the machine can still work normally.

Comprehensive Winnowing Machine: It mainly process the materials whose size is larger than 50 mm. This machine will separate the waste plastic, heavy materials and less heavy material with the help of the fan.

Magnetic Separator: The machine can help you sort out the magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

waste sorting machine
waste sorting machine

Here is a brief description of the whole municipal solid waste sorting process, and you may know more about how the parts of the plant work together.

The municipal solid waste will be firstly sent to the discharging platform. Then the plate feeder and the uniform distributing machine work together to achieve the uniform distribution of the waste, and those waste will be conveyed to next process through the belt conveyor. The large size waste can be sorted out through the manual sorting platform. The bag-breaking machine can break the garbage bags, after this process, the waste will be send to the rotating screening machine, which can further sort the municipal solid waste according to their size. The small organic waste can be used to compost after magnetic separation. Then the larger waste will be sent to comprehensive winnowing machine after magnetic separator. In this process, you can get light plastic waste, heavy materials and less heavy materials. The following video can let you have a intuitive feeling.

What You Can Do With the Sorted Waste

1. Plastic: The plastic pyrolysis plant can process the waste plastic into fuel oil, carbon black, and combustible gas. Then if you want to reprocess the plastic pyrolysis oil and carbon black, we can also supply you the plastic to diesel plant and carbon black processing plant. The plastic to diesel plant can refine the waste oil to diesel, and the carbon black processing plant can help you get higher quality carbon black. Or you can use the plastic granules machine to convert the plastic waste into plastic granules, which can be used to make new plastic products.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant
waste plastic pyrolysis plant

2. Separated muck, brick, stone: They are good materials to make the bricks, which are useful in construction industry.

3. Organic: It can be used as the fertilizer.

4. Metal : You can use it to make other iron materials.

The Application of Municipal Waste Recycling Plant:

1. Municipal Waste Sorting: The plant can sort the waste plastic, organic material, and bricks out to the maximum extent, so the MSW processing plant can increase the recycling efficiency. The PLC control system can monitor the whole working process of the line. The sealed deodorizing system as well as the unique aromatic ester spraying deodorant system can eliminate the bad smell in the workshop away.

solid waste sorting machine
solid waste sorting machine

2. Mine Waste Cleaning and Sorting: When used in mine waste cleaning and sorting work, the plant is equipped with sealed transmission device and dust removal device, which can effectively control fly ash and dust during the working process. In addition, the unique wear-resisting, anti-corrosion technology greatly extends the service life of the solid waste sorting equipment.

The Advantages of the Beston Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine:

1. We can change the configuration of the waste separation machine according to the garbage component of different locations and countries to make a safe , environment friendly and economic garbage sorting project.

2. Reasonable structure layout makes it very convenient for installation and transshipment. And according to the customer’s waste material composition and size, we will make the best design and configuration.

3. Fully automatic operation can avoid manual operate mistake.

4. The special odor control system of the municipal solid waste treatment plant ensures that the workshop has a good environment and protects the workers’ health.

msw sorting plant
msw sorting plant

As a mature manufacturer and supplier, we have exported our waste sorting equipment to Uzbekistan, and people there think highly about our plant and our company. The government officer also came to visit us, and we believe that we will cooperate again.

mr rashidov nasriddin and the government officer
mr rashidov nasriddin and the government officer

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