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BG Tire Crusher (1-3T/H)/(2.5-5T/H)

The tire crusher is a necessity if you want to recycle the waste tyres. It can crush the waste tyres into 50 mm block, and then you can reprocess those tyre blocks into other end products through different waste tyre recycling plants. Basing on the different tyre recycling plant you use, the function of the tyre crusher also varies.

The Different Use of the Waste Tyre Crusher:

1. Pre-treatment Part of Tyre Pyrolysis Plant:

If you want to use the pyrolysis technology to recycle the waste tyre, then the tyre crusher would be used as a pre-treatment equipment to crush the whole tyre into the rubber block under 50 mm, and the main parts of the trye crusher are wire drawing machine, guillotine shear, crusher and belt conveyor. The main parts can be seen from the following picture.

parts of tire crusher for tyre pyrolysis plant
parts of tire crusher for tyre pyrolysis plant

2. Equipment to Produce Rubber particles:

The waste tyre crusher can be applied to produce rubber particles, whose size is between 30 mesh and 200 mesh. The rubber particles can be used to make auto parts, rubber cushions, artificial grass and the road construction also needs it.

The waste tyre crusher for this purpose consists of wire drawing machine, guillotine shear, crusher, fine crusher, coarse crusher, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, rubber powder classifier , fiber separating machine and vibration and magnetic separator machine.

Apart from those common equipment, the details of the main parts are as follows.

parts of tire crusher for making rubber powder
parts of tire crusher for making rubber powder

Beston waste tyre shredders in the market are popular not only for the dual purposes, but also because of the following advantages:

1. It is environmentally friendly, because there is free of odor, waste water and residue. It is designed and developed by our technical personnel, and combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, and it has obtained a dozen patents.

2. It is controlled by automatic PLC, so it is with the characteristics that easy operation and high efficiency

3. It is equipped with special grinding wheels, which can produce 30-200 mesh rubber powder.

In addition, the waste tyre recyling plants for sale are qualified and profitable. You can choose the waste tyre recycling plant you need, and we will do our best to meet your demand. Contact us now to get your free quotation.

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