Automatic Waste Segregation Machine

Beston automatic waste segregation machine is famous for its automatic system. It mainly consists of uniform plate feeder, large garbage manual sorting system, large garbage crusher, comprehensive winnowing machine, rotating screening machine, magnetic separator and so on.

automatic waste segregation machine
automatic waste segregation machine

All of those parts work together achieve the continuous working process. The following picture can help you have a better understanding.

working process of the automatic waste sorting machine
working process of the automatic waste sorting machine

This machine is a great invention because of the following reasons:

1. It is a breakthrough in waste recycling industry, and using it can get fully recycle the municipal waste.

1. It can achieve the goal of waste minimization. Basing on the statistical data, the amount of waste can be reduced 50%.

2. It does no harm to the environment. Some harmful waste will not pollute the soil and the water after recycling. In addition, it can avoid the secondary pollution caused by burning and land filling.

3. It can turn the waste to energy. After the sorting process, you can get plastic waste, organic waste, metal and bricks. The plastic waste can be converted into plastic pyrolysis oil by the plastic pyrolysis plant, and the plastic oil can be refined by the waste oil distillation plant. The sorted organic materials can be made into fertilizer. As for the earth and waste bricks, they are good materials to make new bricks.

plastic to oil pyrolysis machine
plastic to oil pyrolysis machine

Other Attractive Advantages of Beston Automatic Waste Segregation Machine

1. The fully automatic operating system can avoid the manual operating mistakes.

2. The sealing system can make sure that the plant is working in a sealed condition, which can reduce the pollution caused by the waste.

3. The special odor control system ensures the workshop is suitable to work. In this way, the health of the workers is also guaranteed.

4. The PLC system can monitor the whole working process, which can ensure that the plant is working in a safe environment.

5. The design and configuration is adjustable according to the garbage component of different locations and countries.

6. You can enjoy the best service before and after you purchase our plant.

In addition, our product has been successfully exported to Uzbekistan and the local government think highly about our plant. Send your inquiry now.

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